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Were You An Early 2000s Kid?

What do you remember growing up in the early 2000s? There's always those certain songs, clothes, stores, toys, food, and movies that take us back to what it was like to be a kid in the early 2000s and how it differs from today. These are some of the things that really make me nostalgic for being a kid again, how about you?

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1. Limited Too, and Aly & AJ were always playing.

2. Every girl in your class had her birthday party at Libby Lu.

Picasa 2.7

3. These sequins were on purses, scarves, belts, shrugs, and hats. Sequin Overload!

4. Crimped Hair

5. Glitter hair spray, Glitter Chapstick and Lip Gloss, Glitter Lotion, Glitter body splash, Glitter Everything.

6. Lizzie Mcguire

7. Requesting to listen to Radio Disney in the car to hear Jesse Mccartney, The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, etc.

8. Wanting to have your birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's and having to watch those big creepy robots on stage while you ate your pizza.

9. Snap on Bracelets and Chokers

10. The awesome snacks before we knew what organic and non-gmo was

11. Lunchables and how good they were but never quite filled you up

12. Whenever a guest speaker came to your school, they passed around the color changing pencils so you would sit through it

13. Everyone waited in line for the glider until in the laters 2000s they got rid of it for safety reasons

14. Heelys

15. Webkinz

16. Lip smackers

17. Disney Movies

18. Ponchos...why did I own these again?

19. Always buying lunch when potato smileys were on the menu

20. Crazy hair accessories

21. Having a phone in your room with the spiral cord you played with while talking

22. The best part of being a kid in the early 2000s was having the room to be a kid and not having to grow up so fast

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