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Moments That Are Just So High School

Because we all know those moments that are so unique to high school. Yes, secretly falling for your BFF made the list. To see some more unusual high school moments that maybe didn't make the list, watch the new series Panic on Prime Video now.

1. That feeling right before you ask your crush to prom:

2. When you struggle to balance school and extracurricular activities:

3. When your BFF has NO CLUE how you really feel:

4. When you promise to stop falling for bad boys, but your eyes meet in the hallway and they pull you right back in:

5. When the teacher asks you to pair up and you immediately look at your BFF:

6. When you've realized there's a test today you totally forgot about and you're weighing how to respond:

7. When the house party gets out of hand:

8. When it's so close to the end of the day and the bell finally rings:

9. When you have to present in front of the whole class:

10. When you have that one teacher who really just hates you:

11. When you're dreaming about kissing your crush for the first time and your alarm goes off:

12. What you imagine they'll do to your diploma if you're caught cheating or smoking in the bathroom:

You survived high school. But will the graduating seniors of this small town survive Panic? Catch the new series Panic, out now on Prime Video.