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11 Things We've All Said While Deep In A Show

"Another one."

1. "I can totally fit another episode in before I have to get up in an hour for work."

2. "I wonder if I can make this meal into a smoothie so I don't ruin this episode with my loud chewing."

3. "Sorry, I can't make it out tonight... I have to attend this, uh, event thing that I've totally not made up."

4. "Stop suggesting things for me to watch! I've already got a show to finish."

5. "I'm not drinking alone; I'm drinking with my friends. Yes, they happen to be fictional characters, but they're still my friends."

6. "I love this show more than I love my own family."

7. "What do you mean you haven't seen the new season? It just came out yesterday, but of course I've already finished it!"

8. "If you tell me any spoilers, I will cut you and no longer be your friend."

9. "Seriously, sleep needs to stop interrupting me. I'm trying to watch three seasons before the new one launches."

10. "When this show ends, it will be like breaking up with someone."

11. "A year is totally not that long of a wait for a new season."

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