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13 Courses You Can Take At The University Of Internet

Ever heard of street smarts? How 'bout screen smarts. Internet! It's the future! That's why wants to give a shout-out to all you awesome online graduates.

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1. Trolling 101


Course Goals: Educate in the art of effective and elusive trolling, asking ourselves and each other, "You Mad?"

Prerequisites: Rage Faces 101; The Art of Lying

2. Advanced Emoji Selection


Course Goals: Learn to use the extensive emoji keyboard so effectively that words are not even needed.

Prerequisites: Human Emotions Intensive; Introduction to Emojis

3. Hashtags in Contemporary Society

Course Goals: To answer the question of "Do we need hashtags?" with "How many hashtags do we need?"

Prerequisites: Hashtags in the 20th Century; Hashtags 101; Hashtags or Hashbrowns: Lecture Series

4. Telling a Story with 140 Characters or Less: Seminar

CC by http://2.0 / Barry Solow / Via Flickr: baslow

Course Goals: Achieve the modern version of what Ernest Hemingway was doing decades ago. Fewer words, more meaning. On Twitter.

Prerequisites: Hashtags 101; Organic Followers Intensive

5. Photoshop 101: Introduction to Creating Memes

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Course Goals: To arm student with the skills necessary to put text on top of photos, using Photoshop. (I can teach you in like five minutes, but I've got to draw it out for the whole semester.)

Prerequisites: Studio Art (just kidding, there are no prerequisites)

6. History of Internet: N00b's Perspective

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Course Goals: To educate those who were either born before 1960 or after 2000 on all that happened in the 1990s to make the internet what it is today.

Prerequisites: Did You Try Turning It Off and On Again?: Seminar

7. Gchat Laughter Analysis

BuzzFeed / Kweeston

Course Goals: Not only to define, but to really examine the variant number of "has" used in contemporary instant messaging.

Prerequisites: History 230: Abbreviations; Linguistics 110: Grammar Is Subjective

8. #YOLO?: An Introduction to Buddhism

Yuriy Tsirkunov / ThinkStock

Course Goals: Just to... live life? You know?

Prerequisites: Trucker Hat Lecture Series; Tank Top Lecture Series; Hashtags 101

9. Poetry 301: Google Autocomplete

BuzzFeed / Kweeston

Course Goals: To push the limits of Google's autocomplete function to the point of staggering beauty.

Prerequisites: LiveJournal: A Retrospective

10. Documentary Vine Making

Course Goals: To use the six seconds we're given to tell a complete and in-depth story. There will be laughs, there will be tears.

Prerequisites: Smartphone Maintenance; Narrative Vine Making

11. PoliSci 201: Thanks, Obama

Course Goals: To sarcastically blame Obama for everything that has happened and will happen, while remaining strictly politically objective.Prerequisites: How to Be Mad on the Internet
James Woodson / ThinkStock

Course Goals: To sarcastically blame Obama for everything that has happened and will happen, while remaining strictly politically objective.

Prerequisites: How to Be Mad on the Internet

12. Crowdfunding Economics

Course Goals: Students will create their own crowdfunding project to better understand what it is that inspires people to throw money at strangers through a computer screen.

Prerequisites: Business Class; Internet Business Class; #BusinessClass

13. Philosophy 260: If a Selfie Happens Offline, Did It Actually Happen?


Course Goals: To explore selfie significance and its ramifications on the lives of all who have ever taken photos of themselves from a high, flattering angle.

Prerequisites: Smartphone Maintenance; Photography 240: Photo Filters

The semester starts... now. And ends never. Congrats, onliners!

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