The 13 Most Unsuccessful Moms Of The Year

These moms might not be great parents, but they have what it takes to win the Internet. Check out the most unsuccessful moms of the year and be sure to watch Lifetime’s new show, Pretty Wicked Moms - premiering June 4th.

1. The Mom Who Duct Taped Her Baby (And Duck) To The Wall

izatrini_com / Via Flickr: izatrini

The saddest part is that the baby is like, “It’s okay, Ducky, we’re in this together.”

2. The Mom Who Pushed Her Kid Off The Swing

AND DIDN’T EVEN GO CHECK ON HIM. She’s like, “Eh. Anyway.”

3. The Mom Who Initiated Her Baby Into A Gang

James Henthorn / Via Twitter: @James_Henthorn

And he’s owning it.

4. The Mom Who Got Slapped By Her Kid

Not just slapped, but a finger point and slap. You lost, Mom. You lost.

5. The Mom Who Put Her Baby In Laundry Jail

Jessica Marsh / Via Twitter: @Jefffii

This is how phobias are born. This is also a very simplified version of the plot of V For Vendetta, so props on that though.

6. The Mom Who Manically Stole Her Son’s Bike

Sarah / Via Twitter: @sar_craw


Sarah / Via Twitter: @sar_craw


7. The Mom Who Struggles With The Most Fundamental Concept Of Motherhood

That’s the hardest part? Seriously?

8. The Moms Who Cannot Do Anything Right

9. Not one single thing

10. Just nope

11. The Mom Who Took Advantage Of Her Baby’s Need For Refreshment

kmclark2 / Via Flickr: kmclark2

This baby is like, “Wait, is this a glass window or a wall of deception?”

12. The Mom Who Nearly Spun Her Child To The Grave


13. The Mom Who Put Her Son In A Dryer

Erin Johnson / Via

While this might LOOK like a spaceship, it is not. Only a terribly unsuccessful mom wouldn’t know the difference.

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