15 Products You Didn’t Know Came In Kids Sizes

Luxury vehicles aren’t just for grown-ups anymore. Check out these kid-sized luxuries and be sure to watch some pampered kids on Lifetime’s new show - Pretty Wicked Moms - premiering on June 4th.

1. This Tiny Chair

Does this look like a normal chair? Well, it’s not. Only a tiny butt could fit in that thing.

2. These Little Pedicure Stations

dreface / Via instagram.com

For the tiniest of toenails.

3. This Little Baby Jar Of Nutella

brianaaurora / Via instagram.com

Chocolate hazelnut spread is good at ANY age.

4. This Bitty Grocery Cart In An Actual Grocery Store

mylifeasadele / Via instagram.com

Whatchya got there? Kale? Gross.

5. This To-Scale Mini Mansion


6. These Hipster Glasses

fashionkids / Via instagram.com

You might think that these are just adult-sized glasses on a child, but - you’re wrong.

7. This Impossibly Small Graduation Gown


Congrats, grad! You’ve succeeded in turning three years old.

8. This Yoga Class Full Of Wee Ones

creative_art_studio / Via instagram.com

Whatever it takes to unwind. It’s stressful, being a kid.

9. This Adorably Fashion Forward Shoe

Zara / Via zara.com

It’s just so…classy.

10. This Tiny Take On Darth Vader

JD Hancock / Via photos.jdhancock.com

Not so menacing anymore.

11. These Minuscule Skinny Jeans

beau_hudson / Via instagram.com

And moustache suspenders!!!

12. These Teeny Bow Ties

For every occasion!

13. These Baby High Tops

Everyone wishes they were as cool as the kid who rocks these.

14. This Baby Vintage Vehicle

Ok. Maybe excessive? Maybe?


Exists!! It’s a thing!! Help!!

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