15 Moms Who Are Trying Their Absolute Hardest

At least they’re out there! These moms might not be doing it right, but they’re putting forth the effort. Watch the mothers of Pretty Wicked Moms struggle to figure out how this whole “mom” thing works. It premieres June 4th on Lifetime!

1. She was sure her son had it in the bag.

NBC / Via animooted.com

Whoops! Nope.

2. This kid finds her mother's bonding attempts to be condescending.

Stop. Just, stop.

3. Cheryl learned the hard way that you never yank a bud out of a tween's ear.

She paid dearly for this misguided attempt at conversation.

4. Just trying to make teeth-brushing fun! With DANCE!

Oop! Now there’s spit on your head.

5. It sounded like a great idea. A safe idea.

It wasn’t, though.

6. What she thought was an encouraging push ended up being something that would resurface in the little girl's therapy session years later.

But, I mean…sick big wheel.

7. "Look here son, this is how you properly kick a ba- OH NO OH NO OH NO"

8. This hockey mom is trying her very hardest to just keep it together, here.

it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok no no no no no no YES OH NO

9. Ok technically this woman is a coach, not a mom. Whatever. She doesn't quite understand what she's doing but is super thrilled to be doing it.

NBC / Via funnyjunk.com

It’s supposed to be - you have to - ah, nevermind. You’re perfect.

10. This mom is trying hard to understand where it is she went wrong.


11. The mom fist-pump. Embarrassing children since fists were invented.

12. Just trying to be a part of something.

You kids and your crazy You Tubes!

13. She was just trying to bond with her son, but she ended up discovering that she had super strength.

That’s too bad.


“I’ve failed you, family!”

15. Focus.

Lifetime / Via youtube.com

Just…try and keep your child alive.

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