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Disney Princess Questionnaire


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Favorite thing about her?:

Where do I even begin with Elsa. I love everything about her. But I love that despite her strength and the regal manner she has, there’s this scared girl inside who just wants nothing more than to be herself. And when she finally gets to do that in Let It Go, you see all of that finally come out and she just resonates all those good feelings. Maybe that’s more of a moment, but it has to do with what she’s like when she’s able to be herself and express that.

Least favorite thing about her?:

I mean, I wish she had told her parents to shove it and not shut Anna out for like 15 years. But she was just a little girl who was forced to be afraid of herself and who she really was. And, of course, without those events, there would be no movie.

Do I like her movie?:

PLEASE DO NOT GET ME STARTED FROZEN IS MY LIFE. The cold actually really bothers me, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to be excited about a movie from the time announcements first started being made about it. My only disappointment was when they chose to make it in CGI, since the concept art was so perfect, but the castle formation scene made up for that. Ugh just. I’ve loved it for so long and when I finally got to see it, I loved it even more. Plus, like I’ve said before, knowing that they were based on Norwegians was cool since I have that in my background and it’s not something you hear about every day!

Favorite outfit she wears?:

Her ice outfit, of course. Because the others, especially the gloves, just represent what she had to hide and hold in. So I don’t like those.

Favorite song from her movie?:

Let It Go.

Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?:

Olaf! I hated seeing people complain about Olaf before the film came out, saying he was just obnoxious comic relief and would ruin the film. Because honestly, I thought his input was all very subtle, but very well-delivered. And seriously, he’s just a precious little happy snowman.

Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?:

I think everyone can relate to Elsa. Not everyone to the same extent, but I think that at some point, everyone has struggled to be themselves and figure out who they really are. Even though I’m not much like Anna, either, I am the little sister, so I kind of look outside of myself when I see Elsa.

How would I rate her prince?:

She doesn’t have one, yet! Hopefully she'll have a Princess. For now, Olaf can be her prince for now and he’s 10000/10. :)

Where does she rank on my favorite princesses?:

Like I said in my Anna post, she and Elsa are tied for the third and fourth spots. Here’s why Elsa moved up the rankings after I saw the movie… Even though I think Anna and Elsa are both amazing, and I don’t think one is the ‘better’ or 'stronger’ woman character, I can see how Elsa is a more obvious power-woman. I saw the movie with my 4 year old niece, and she preferred Elsa. To see her, being that young, gravitate to such a 'power-woman’ character was just really great to me. I’m glad she already sees that, because I want her to grow up with those ideals. Like I said, Anna is not any less of a strong female character, but for a four year old, Elsa would come across with a more obvious strength, so that impressed me. After the movie she said to me, “I wish I could be like Elsa!” and so there was no way I couldn’t rank her just as high as Anna after that.

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