25 Pretty Little Liar Fashions We Envy

Not to rub it in, but these girls are in high school — have you seen some of their outfits? Not only are the Pretty Little Liars scandalous masterminds but they look amazing too. Relive the the best outfits and fashion moments from last season with the Season 3 DVD – own it on 6/4! Can’t wait for the new season to begin? Pre-order the Season Pass on iTunes today! New season starts June 11 on ABC Family.

1. Hanna’s raccoon shirt.

Ron Tom / ABC Family / Getty Images

There’s not even a debate here over how good that shirt is.

2. Aria’s chic floral dress and knee high sock combination.

Adam Rose / Getty Images

Math is a subject best learned in knee highs.

3. The Pretty Little Liars’ school assembly frocks.

Eric McCandless / Getty Images

Guilt never looked so good.

4. Emily’s punk getup.

Andrew Eccles / ABC Family / Getty Images

Fingerless leather gloves … girl is serious!

5. Hanna’s colorblocked purse.

Eric McCandless / ABC Family / Getty Images

Yep, that purse is ridiculous. Also, Spencer’s pleated skirt is amazing.

6. Aria’s scarf.

ERIC MCCANDLESS / ABC Family / Getty Images

If the Liars know one thing, details are key!

7. Spencer’s preppy sweater.

Bruce Birmelin / Getty Images

This sweater is perfect in so many ways.

8. The Pretty Little Liars’ fashion show formal attire.

Bruce Birmelin / Getty Images

These girls know how to own the pageant stance.

9. Hanna’s adorable yellow dress.

“A” might be on Hanna’s trail but at least she is workin’ it in that yellow sundress.

10. Aria’s metallic blue skirt.

Eric McCandless / Getty Images

It’s hard to focus on the all the plot twists when Aria is literally glowing.

11. Emily’s acid washed shirt.

Eric McCandless / ABC Family / Getty Images

Her ombre hair adds a nice touch.

12. Aria’s dress. THAT DRESS!

Eric McCandless / ABC Family / Getty Images

First of all, we’re super jealous of Aria’s waist size and second of all we’re super jealous of that couture dress.

13. Hanna’s couture heels.

Danny Feld / Getty Images

Actually her whole outfit is great, but those shoes bring it all together.

14. All of this.

Andrew Eccles / ABC Family / Getty Images

The. Best.

15. Spencer’s shirt (again!)

Ron Tom / ABC Family / Getty Images

Agree or disagree: Spencer has the best style. Also, sort of obsessing over Hanna’s sweater.

16. There is almost nothing better than Caleb dressed up…

Mathieu Young / ABC Family / Getty Images

17. Besides maybe him in a fitted tee.

Eric McCandless / ABC Family / Getty Images

18. All of the Pretty Little Liars in this photo

Mathieu Young / ABC Family / Getty Images

The heels, the hemlines, that ridiculously cute sheer button down/vest combination Spencer is wearing - it’s all perfect.

19. Spencer’s fitted professional look.

Randy Holmes / Getty Images

That cardigan, black leggings, nude heels and a crisp button down is quite possibly the perfect outfit.

20. Aria’s black and white ensamble.

Eric McCandless / ABC Family / Getty Images

Aria might not know how she’s feeling about this baby shower, but she wears indifference well.

21. Aria’s leopard print coat AND shoes.

Adam Taylor / ABC Family / Getty Images

Also, is Hanna wearing harem pants? Très chic.


Andew Eccles / ABC Family / Getty Images

Mic drop.

23. Mystery woman’s all black mourning clothes from Season 4.

Ron Tom / ABC Family / Getty Images

That veil might be creepy and we’re dying of anticipation of who this woman might be, but that doesn’t detract from how cool this outfit is.

24. The Pretty Little Liars’ funeral fashion from Season 4

Ron Tom / ABC Family / Getty Images

And yet again, they’re killing it at a funeral.

25. Wren’s fitted suit from Season 4

Adam Taylor / ABC Family / Getty Images

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of Season 4, pre-order your season pass at iTunes today and don’t miss out on a minute of the fabulous fashion, lies and mystery of Pretty Little Liars. Season Pass Available on 6/12.

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