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10 Facts About Surviving High School

Do you think high school is a breeze? Here are some facts about the real high school, it isn't all lilies and daisies.

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1. This is not the real high school, check out the bottom picture

School isn't so easy after all, we all have came from elementary to middle school, but high school is totally different, it isn't like high school musical or any high school movies you watched on tv.

2. Thinking your ready for high school?

high school isn't fun as you think it is, you have tests, the ACT, older kids who aren't kids from a nice place, you'll have heart breaks and so much more, are you really ready?

6. Piles of homework and Tests

You will get so much work you'll feel like your drowning, best thing to avoid this mistake is by doing it before hand, and not letting it overwhelm you, knock those papers and tests out. You got this!

7. More Freedom

You felt like a child back in middle school, because you were actually, everything isn't handed to you in high school, you have to pay close attention to everything. You will become a young adult while in high school

8. Surviving

One of the greatest lies ever perpetuated about the teen years is that they’re supposedly “the best years of your life.” Do you think so? Ask any high schooler these days how he or she genuinely feels about this statement and the opposite sentiment might very well end up relayed instead.

9. Grades

Your grades are going to be the biggest priority in high school because they have this thing called a GPA!! Wow sounds scary right, but as long as you keep a A or B you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

10. Survived and Graduation

before you know it , you'll be graduating high school and then coming to college, just remember the steps you took with surviving high school and you'll get through college just fine. Goodluck!

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