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Christmas In The Movies Vs. Christmas In Australia

How did they get it so wrong? Christmas is nothing like it is in the movies. Catch up on all your Christmas favourites on Presto these holidays!

1. They always have snowmen in Christmas movies.

Cool. We have snowmen in Australia too, though.

(Ours are better.)

2. Christmas movie sets are definitely pretty.

But Australian outdoors at Christmas is nicer.

3. In the movies, families gather around the tree and read stories.

In real life, we gather around the tree and drink.

4. Hanging by the fireplace happens a lot in movies.

It happens in real life too...

5. Movie characters do Christmas things outdoors.

But our outdoor Christmas is sooo much better.

6. People stay warm at Christmastime in the movies, by the tree.

Yes. We do that too.

7. In the movies, people come together to sing Christmas carols.

But in Australia, people really come together to sing Christmas carols.

8. During Christmas in movies, it's always snowing and cold.

But down under, this is about as bad as the weather gets:

9. Christmas dogs in the movies are pretty chill.

But that's only because they don't know what they're missing out on.

10. And then there's Santa in the movies.

Meanwhile, in Australia:

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