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11 Warning Signs That You’re About To Attend A Very Bad BBQ

Summer's too short to waste time at a calamitous cookout. Look out for these signs and pick up some of the President's Choice Summer Insiders products and you'll be OK.

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1. The party "starts" two hours before the grilling does.

Beer5020 / Getty Images

Just as nobody shows up at the start time, no one breaks out the burgers at grilling start time. Kinda makes you wonder why we even schedule things in the first place.

5. You can't smell food on the grill as you approach the BBQ.

ihkdotgif / Via

If you don't catch a whiff of something on the barbie (shrimp or otherwise), your host is fashionably late with the eats.

6. Your host is pouring lighter fluid on the grill like they're trying to douse a flame, not start one.

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