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How Technology Enhances Vegetarianism

Being a vegetarian isn't that hard anymore. It also isn't lame, we are now technologically advance in modern society.

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Let's define a vegetarian / Via

The basic definition of a vegetarian is someone who does not eat any type of meat. According to the Vegetarian Society, there are four different variations of vegetarians: Lacto-ovo-vegetarians, Lacto-vegetarians, Ovo-vegetarians and Vegans.

I am an experienced lacto-vegetarian for the past 10 years and have seen how technology makes vegetarianism a much easier lifestyle.

Here are four ways technology has made the vegetarian lifestyle on fleek:

1) Vegetarian restaurant app / Via

Due to contrary belief, most vegetarians are huge foodies (I LOVE FOOD). We become very unimpressed when our friends don’t know where to take us for food.

Please spare your friends the embarrassment from taking you to a steakhouse and download the Vegman - Worldwide Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant Guide on EVERYONES phone.

For a full list of vegetarian apps, click here.

2) Vegan meat = technology saved us / Via

Vegetarians hate it when people tell us that our food is bland. Let me break it to you: IT ISN'T!

I am pretty certain that most people have never heard of vegan meat. Sure, the name is a bit contradictory, but vegan meat is simply delicious. My favourite brand is Gardein

Technology has blessed us with Vegan meat that is actually sustainable for the environment and healthy for our bodies (aka free of growth hormones, ew).

Don't believe me? Read more about how Vegan Meat is the biggest new trend in the tech industry.

3) NASA is creating veggies in space

NASA / Via

Okay, I personally love NASA and when I heard about NASA's Vegetable Production System (VEGGIE) I got really excited. Veggie is a "deployable plant growth unit that grows fresh food such as salad for the crew "

This means that astronauts can grow vegetation in space!

PS. I highly recommend you use this fact to show off to your friends! Vegetables are even cooler in space.

4) Twitter has our back

Twitter / Via

Have you ever felt lonely eating a veggie burger amongst a group of friends who are avid meat-lovers? Have no fear, vegetarians on twitter have our backs. They understand our vegetarian emotions.

Also, whenever you lose the energy to explain your vegetarian food decisions, read your friends a tweet that someone else has posted. Click Here for 26 tweets you can use to your defense. Stay woke fam!

5) Slay your holiday food game

View this video on YouTube

Every holiday that involves a turkey, vegetarians always feel left out. I recommend that you purchase yourself the Gardein Holiday Roast and make everyone jealous instead.

If you are too busy to purchase a vegan roast, then watch this video and make it yourself. Just remember, you are enjoying your holidays without any sin on your plate. Cheers!

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