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How To Save The Planet Without Leaving Your Couch

We're not saying you should stay on the couch forever, but if you were going to do that anyway, may as well make it worthwhile.

1. Step one: Get on the couch. There's a lot of work to be done, so you want to make yourself comfortable for this.

2. Spend a few minutes switching to online statements for all of your accounts.

3. Shop for your groceries from the couch.

4. But think twice about those two-hour deliveries.

5. Be thoughtful about your use of heating and air conditioning.

6. Take a break from all this world-saving to check the batteries in your remote control. Are they rechargeable?

7. Turn off the lights.

8. Are you still on the couch? Cool, may as well binge-watch every nature documentary there is.

9. But then actually take action.

10. If you're in the market for a new couch, consider upgrading to something eco-friendly.

11. Choose to spend Saturday night on the couch. Donate the money you saved by not going out to an environmental cause of your choosing.

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