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People Told Us The Weird Sh*t They've Done To Avoid Leaving Their Apartment

We asked BuzzFeeders to tell us some of the weirdest things they've resorted to when the idea of leaving the apartment was just too much to face. But weirdness like this is a thing of the that Postmates will deliver anything and everything right to your doorstep!

1. "I emptied six teabags, refilled them with coffee grounds, and tied them shut so I could still have coffee without leaving to get more coffee filters."

2. "I mixed powder coffee creamer with water and used it as milk for my cereal."

3. "I’ve offered to cook dinner for people if they would buy the ingredients for what they wanted me to cook and bring them to my place. Then I’d cook, and we’d both eat."

4. "I was making mac and cheese when I realized I was out of milk, so I just doubled the amount of butter. It was disgusting."

5. "I've fed my dogs scrambled eggs on more than one occasion because I didn't want to leave the house."

6. "I didn’t want to walk to the store in the cold, but I ran out of baby wipes so I had to hold my 4-month-old daughter up to the shower head Lion King–style to clean her off."

7. "I had some friends over for dinner and couldn't find the wine-opener, so I got a screw, screwdriver, and locking wrench, then pulled that cork right out and didn't spill a drop!"

8. "I googled alternatives to butter for two hours because I wanted to bake cookies and couldn't be bothered to go to the store, literally next door to my house."

9. "I tore up sticks of string cheese and put them on a pizza because I'd already changed into my jammies and was not about to go to the store again. (I live less than a half a mile from the store.)"

10. "I often order three meals for lunch so that I have dinner and lunch the next day. Bonus is that I can mix and match meals."

11. "I hit up an old friend to 'catch up' so that they would bring wine and I wouldn't have to go two blocks to the corner store to get it myself."

End the weirdness. Now get anything you need delivered right to your front door with the new Postmates Unlimited!