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11 Organizing Tips To Give You An A+ In Life This School Year

Heading back to school doesn't have to be hectic. Simplify your life with a few awesome organizing tips! And keep homework just as organized with the help of Post-it® Notes!

1. Build a designated homework nook for maximum productivity.

2. Put together a family command center.

3. Cut down on clutter and keep tiny things at hand with these magnetic bowls.

See how easy it is to make your own cute bowls for little things like paper clips at A Girl and a Glue Gun.

4. Hang rainbow-colored shelves for an amazing way to organize books.

5. Take the stress out of after-school snack time a breeze with handy pantry and fridge organizers.

See how it was done, and find out how you can do it too at Blooming Homestead.

6. Keep your counter clear and your devices charged with this DIY recharging station.

7. Make a DIY shoe rack to keep all those new school shoes from taking over your home.

8. Keep your craft area neat and tidy with a hutch and a variety of baskets.

9. Color-code your keys to make sure big kids can let themselves in after school with ease.

10. Simplify your morning routine with these daily outfit tags.

Plan ahead with these adorable daily outfit tags from First Home Love Life, and never scramble for clean, matching outfits.

11. Create a special, chic place to show off school artwork and reduce clutter.

Post-it® Notes are your friend for back-to-school!