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    Vivamacity Is Leading The Jewelry Industry

    Online jewelry stores exist all over the internet. But you need to be careful because most of these stores sell low-quality jewelry that was manufactured by a machine. To find a high-quality jewelry store online, you need to look for one which sells 100% handmade jewelry. Vivamacity Jewelry is one of the few jewelry stores which does this.

    In the early months of 2015, Vivamacity Jewelry made itself known to the world of e-commerce. The store specializes in selling 100% handmade jewelry which contains anklets, chokers, crystals, and more. The founder of the store, Viva, was not some rich entrepreneur or CEO. In fact, she was just a waitress from California who worked very hard for tips. She couldn’t even afford her own apartment, so she had to live in her aunt’s apartment.

    Viva attended college to study chemical engineering and pharmacology. She didn’t really know which one she wanted to focus on the most. The financial aid to pay for these courses had not even started yet during her first months at college. This meant that she had to put most of her waitressing money toward paying for her college tuition and other related expenses.

    With no money left for a social life, Viva spent most of her free time in her aunt’s apartment. Since she was often bored and had nothing to do, she started embracing her hobby of making handmade jewelry. She spent hours every day at her aunt’s nail polish desk just making custom jewelry pieces by hand. She did this for fun in the beginning without thinking that anything more would come of it.

    After Viva started showing her jewelry to other people and getting compliments and positive feedback from it, she got ambitious enough to try selling one of her jewelry pieces on Etsy. The pieces sold very quickly on there, which inspired her to list more of her jewelry pieces for sale. Her specific photography style of jewelry is what captivated her customers to purchase from her store. This trend continued until she had a thriving Etsy store that allowed her to quit her waitressing job after just 2 weeks. Her last table as a waitress sat a lady who took large interest in her designs, who was the accessory buyer for brands like Forever 21, causing Viva to learn about how ugly the business world can be, the hard way.

    The name of her store is called “Vivamacity Jewelry.” Managing it became her full-time job. Viva received so many orders on her store that she could not make all the jewelry pieces by herself. Upon developing chronic carpal tunnel syndrome from handcrafting these pieces for 12 hours per day, that’s when she knew that she needed to start hiring people. As a result, she hired a team of young high schoolers to help her make the jewelry and fulfill these orders. By then, she was leading over 600,000 followers on Vivamacity’s instagram.

    Viva was only 20-years-old at the time and she was already a business owner who was employing other people. Within a couple months, she established her own e-commerce website and was no longer dependent on Etsy. By late 2016, she had a real store at the Grove outdoor mall in Los Angeles. Her jewelry started new fashion trends that young girls throughout the world began following.

    Viva publishes pictures of her jewelry on Instagram. This is how she’s able to attract such a young audience and customer base. The success of her jewelry has allowed her to venture into other handcrafted items and accessories too. Her old competitors used to be Nasty Gal, Forever 21, and Free People. But Viva claims that she does not worry about this competition anymore. She was able to make her brand stand out to the point where people recognize it now.

    Viva hopes that her story will inspire other young girls and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams too. She had a hobby which she developed into a business and anyone else can do the same thing with their hobby if they simply put forth the effort. Check out Vivamacity at

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