25 Of The Best Baby Shower Themes Ever

A baby shower is the perfect excuse to throw the cutest party of your life. These 25 amazing shower ideas are sure to please everyone on your guest list, including the mom-to-be!

1. “Vintage! So Adorable”

Found Vintage Rentals / Via

Be careful when using the word vintage, though. It might attract a flock of hipsters.

2. A Velveteen Rabbit-Inspired Shower

Hostess With the Mostest / Via

If this one doesn’t hit you right in the childhood, you have some catching up to do.

3. Use Robots (Without Apocalyptic Connotations)

Inspired by This / Via

4. Get Baked

Meredith Nelson Photography for Lil Hoot / Via

Like cookie-and-cupcake baked, duh.

5. Channel Your Inner Lumberjack

Jesi Haack Design / Via

6. Get Minty

Cake Events / Via

Maybe the Orbit lady will show up?

7. Go to the Wild West

Whimsical Printables / Via

You might want to skip the tumbleweed.

8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Banner Events / Via Facebook: Banner-Events


9. Ready to Pop

Le Partie Sugar / Via

For the moms-to-be who are literally going to go into labor any second now.

10. A Sunny Breakfast Shower

Jesi Haack Design / Via

Because who doesn’t like breakfast?

11. A Welcome-to-the-World Sip and See

Allyson Wiley for A Little Savvy Event / Via

12. An Airplane-Themed Baby Shower

Jen Lee Photography for Loralee Lewis / Via

“Surely you can’t be serious.”
“I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”

13. A Luxe Gold and Pink Circus Baby Shower

Canary Grey Photography for Somewhere Splendid / Via

Keep it classy and avoid talking about the pink elephant in the room. Literally.

14. A Red and Aqua Baby Carriage Shower

Maja Ristevska of Sugar Coated Candy & Dessert Buffets / Via Facebook: SugarCoatedCandyDessertBuffets

15. Little Pink Birdies

Frog Prince Paperie / Via

For those of you who want to “wing it.”

16. Pink Ruffles and Ribbons

Gabriel Ryan Photographers for Hostess With the Mostess / Via

The best way to be like, “IT’S A GIRL. THIS IS GIRLIE.”

17. An Old-World Glam, Sparkling Baby Shower

Grey Likes Baby / Via

Make sure everyone talks in that old-fashioned radio voice.

18. A Sweet Lullaby

Rebecca Watkins Photography for Pure Joy Events / Via

Just … you know, make sure you don’t put your guests to sleep.

19. Welcome to the Jungle!

Rachelle Schwartz of Wiley Valentine / Via

20. A Thai-Themed Baby Shower

Pad thai? More like RAD THAI.

21. “Sprinkle” Baby Shower

Lisa Storms / Via

For those experienced moms-to-be who want to literally have a shower.

22. A Mod Gender-Reveal Party

Le Partie Sugar / Via

Here’s hoping it doesn’t actually come out with a mustache!

23. Pat the Bunny Baby Shower

Whitney Smith / Via

Don’t pretend like you didn’t love those touch ‘n’ feel books.

24. A Vintage Newsprint Shower

Tara Rochelle for Layla Grayce / Via

25. A Long-Distance Baby Shower

Annie Campbell of Après Fête / Via

Probably the most successful LDR we’ve ever seen.

To see even more incredible baby shower themes, head over to POPSUGAR Moms”.

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