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    15 Easy Ways To Start Working Out Before The New Year

    Squeeze in these quick (but beneficial!) workouts before you squeeze into your New Year's Eve dress.

    1. 5-Minute Energizing Warm-Up / Via

    No need for coffee: This quick workout will raise your heart rate and make you glad you didn't hit the snooze button. Again.

    2. 5-Minute Leg Workout / Via

    Five moves + 1 minute each + no equipment required = gorgeous gams.

    3. 20-Minute Plank Workout / Via

    Also known as one of the most effective exercises to target your abs, core, and upper body.

    4. Quick Calorie-Torching Tabata


    Take 30 minutes to cram this total-body workout in and you'll be oh-so thankful later.

    5. Bottoms Up: 5-Minute Booty Workout / Via

    Jump, kick, and bend your way to a desirable derriere.

    6. Thigh-Slimming Yoga Sequence


    Sculpt and lengthen your thighs and butt with this 12-posture standing sequence. Move through it on the right side, then repeat on the left. Follow up with your skinny jeans or favorite leggings and be ready to impress.

    7. 5-Minute Arm Workout / Via

    Tone up your arms with this 5-minute, five-move plan. Your sleeveless holiday dresses approve.

    8. Take a Break, and Burn 50 Calories / Via

    Take six minutes out of today to burn 50 calories without even realizing it. Yes, it is seriously that easy.

    9. 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

    POPSUGAR Studios / Via

    The jump rope is more than child's play: It's the ultimate fitness tool.

    10. Seated Trunk Rotations


    You don't even have to stand up to do this ab-toning workout.

    11. Love-Handle Busting Workout

    POPSUGAR Studios / Via

    Exercise alone will not tame the muffin top, but strengthening the muscles underneath the body fat that hangs around the waist will.

    12. Dynamic Yoga Sequence / Via

    You wave goodbye to your friend, and it feels like your arm is jiggling even after you've stopped waving. Don't fret. Just move through these eight yoga poses.

    13. 5-Minute Back Workout / Via

    Are you napping? Did you just pass out? Nope, you're taking your posture from poor to perfect with this quick back workout.

    14. 5-Minute Excuse-Proof TV Workout

    POPSUGAR Studios / Via

    You're watching TV while simultaneously getting fit? Pass the remote.

    15. 16 Minute Push-Up Workout


    Did you know that push-ups are one of the most effective exercises to target your upper body, especially your arms? Mixing in some variations to the basic move will help tone your abs, legs, and butt.

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