15 Amazing Movies That Had Un-Amazing Reviews

Critics are great! But that doesn’t mean we always agree with them. Have a look at these awesome films that got less than awesome reviews. And while you’re at it, visit Pop Secret Labs where there’s always a new way to enjoy your favorite movies—even the ones that got panned!

1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via yalishandela.tumblr.com

Sure, it got some unfavorable critiques, but this movie taught us the importance of keeping the laces out. And that wins out.

2. Clue

Paramount Pictures / Via raindrops-on-radishes.tumblr.com

It doesn’t matter what people say, this is definitely the best of all movies named after board games.

3. Happy Gilmore

Universal Pictures / Via marija-blizanka.tumblr.com

This was called “[A] one-joke Caddyshack for the blitzed and jaded” by Entertainment Weekly, but Caddyshack most certainly didn’t have Adam Sandler getting into a fight with Bob Barker.

4. Final Destination

New Line Cinema / Via egp10990.tumblr.com

If you hate this film too hard, death will come find you. The rest of us will be talking about how we’ll never see a truck carrying a bunch of anything the same again.

5. Flashdance

Paramount Pictures / Via moviesfca.tumblr.com

This movie gave us so much. (Least of which is a Dance Moms commercial.)

6. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Red Hour Films / Via fyeahtenaciousd.tumblr.com

Time Out said, “it’d be against the law for us to recommend this film.” But if you’ve never broken the law before, your life is pretty boring.

7. Snakes on a Plane

Mutual Film Company / Via youtube.com

This movie delivered exactly what it promised.

8. The Wicker Man

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via versus21.tumblr.com

“★★★★” — The Internet… but mostly because of all the bees.

9. Pootie Tang

Louis C.K. was making great things before he was making even greater things.

10. Wild Wild West

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via husssel.com

This is the only scene that’s not overloaded with steampunk.

11. Stuart Saves His Family

Constellation Films / Via youtube.com

Just because it bombed doesn’t mean that it’s bad.

12. Don't Be A Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood

Island Pictures / Via crazed-individual.tumblr.com

The Wayans Brothers for life.

13. Showgirls

Carolco Pictures / Via chucksexyboyfriend.tumblr.com

Admit it: You own this VHS and are just as obsessed with it as everyone else.

14. Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Moviehead Pictures / Via astokedbro.tumblr.com

When someone says “so bad it’s good,” they’re likely talking about Birdemic.

15. Hudson Hawk

Silver Pictures / Via sve-tka.tumblr.com

People got upset because they thought they were going to see an action movie.

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