14 Movies That Are Better To Watch At Home

Some movies are meant to be seen from the comfort of a cozy couch (with a remote in one hand and a bowl of Pop Secret in the other). Speaking of, don’t forget to visit Pop Secret Labs for more ways to make watching movies even better.

1. The Artist

If the actors aren’t going to talk, then you should be able to.

2. Up

At home, the only one bothered by your guttural sobbing is your cat.

3. Snatch

Subtitles were invented specifically for Brad Pitt’s character in this movie.

4. Magic Mike

Pause. Play. Rewind. Play. Pause. Play. Rewind. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Pauuuuuuse.


5. Crazy, Stupid, Love.


6. Dirty Dancing

Apparently moving theater seats to learn the dance moves is a fire hazard?

7. Teeth

A movie best seen from a place where WebMD can respond with, “Lady parts can’t do that. This is wackadoodle.”

8. Elf

This is how you start celebrating Christmas in July. Or mid-February. Or whenever your merry self feels like it.

9. Lord of the Rings

If you don’t care about hobbits, just hit “mute” for a scenic tour of mystical New Zealand.

10. Mulholland Drive

Pause and let Wikipedia be your spirit guide throughout.

11. Love Actually

Not that one should regret spending a small fortune on theater tickets for the same movie… but there are other options.

12. She’s The Man

Stop over and over again to repeat, “Amanda Bynes had so much potential!”

13. Melancholia

Surround yourself with puppies, stuffed animals, and rainbows to make it through this apocalypse flick.

14. Pitch Perfect

At home, it’s like a sing-a-long! At the theaters, it’s more like “offensively off-key and disturbing the other patrons.”

Don’t forget to head over to Pop Secret Labs, where new ways to enjoy movies are popping up all the time. You can even find the best places to watch movies online, like the ones above, with the Google Chrome tool Pop Search.

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