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12 Ways To Not Hate Your Job

Are workplace woes whittling away at you? Employ these tips for a happier workday, and watch your office morale skyrocket. And for the ultimate in 9-to-5 happiness, furnish your space with some real happy office furniture from Poppin.

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1. Have a healthy breakfast every day.

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There are those who say that breakfast is not necessary if one does not "feel like it." We posit that those people have never had a successful and productive day at work without unhealthy amounts of caffeine and scary energy drinks.

2. Base your to-do list around your energy levels throughout the day. / Via

Sure, the most pressing projects should go at the top of your list. But for things that aren't due for a few days or weeks, strategically place them so that the scarier items come when you're most alert, and the mindless come when you're...well, the most mindless.

3. Make your desk your own by adding some personality to it.

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Unless you have an extremely depressing, supremely terrifying personality, that is. Add tchotchkes, knickknacks, photos, toy dinosaurs, and miniature busts that say "you" (as long as "you" are not a serial maniac).

4. Keep healthy snacks in your file cabinet.


Granola, dried mango, almonds, and cranberries. We're not even going to mention the things you should stay away from. You KNOW what you should stay away from. Stay away from those things!

5. Help your co-workers.

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Not only will taking on some of the work of your co-workers make your day go faster, but helping others has been proven to increase your happiness too. And you can totally cash all of those karma points out for something amazing, like...nirvana, or eternal enlightenment.

6. Keep a work journal.


Sure, it won't be The Journals of Lewis and Clark, but writing down your thoughts (especially the non-work-related ones) is a nice way to compartmentalize the inner workings of your mind.

7. Start up some workplace traditions.

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Grabbing coffee with a group of co-workers at the same time each day, taking a chocolate break with fellow chocolate-lovers, taking a walk around the building, a secret handshake... Just make sure the tradition is a happy one. NO DAILY, MERCILESS GOSSIP BREAKS, OK?

8. Meditate in unlikely places.


Reserve a conference room and meditate for five minutes a day (and invite others to do the same). You can even meditate on your long as you're not driving. Quick and simple (and life-changing). Try one of these guided meditations from UCLA.

9. Plants. Plants? PLANTS!

Get the oxygen flowing. What's not to love about working in a jungle? Adding plants to your surroundings has been proven to raise productivity at work, decrease stress, and even raise job satisfaction.
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Get the oxygen flowing. What's not to love about working in a jungle? Adding plants to your surroundings has been proven to raise productivity at work, decrease stress, and even raise job satisfaction.

10. Start a club.

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Beer club, knitting club, or a dodgeball league — if something interests you, chances are it interests a few of your co-workers as well. You'll also TOTALLY resent your boss less if you get to boss a few people around. Even if you're bossing them around about knitting.

11. Take a walk.

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Nothing clears your head quite like a walk around the block. But promise yourself NOT to think about work. Turn off for a moment, don't touch your smartphone, and take in your surroundings.

12. Write down what you've accomplished.

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Keep a sticky of everything you've beasted. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement.

A happy workday depends on a happy office. And a happy office needs happy furniture.

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