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11 Reasons Office Dogs Are The Ultimate Office Supply

Soooo... Cute animals are OFFICIALLY the ultimate mark of a happy workplace. Take it from Poppin, the authority on happy office furniture: Office dogs can be life-changing.

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1. After a particularly brutal meeting, your office dog is there for support (and cuddles). / Via

Office dogs have actually been proven to decrease stress! Instead of forcefully flinging your computer from your desk and hurling your desk chair across the room, you could be snuggling a pup.

2. When your schedule doesn't allow for a workout, your office dog is there. / Via

Squats. Bicep curls. Anything but SHOT PUT, OK? Easy.

3. Your boss will find it impossible to yell at you with a cuddly creature sitting on your desk.

Jeremy Keith / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: adactio

"Listen, your reports this week have really been, well... My god... Those eyes. I didn't even know that was possible. I feel like I'm falling into his eyes, and they're...they're like warm, crystal blue pools. Do you want a promotion, Diane?"

4. Your office dog will gladly keep your desk chair warm for you while you're in a meeting.

Brittany Kujawa / Via

He's got his own work to do. Leave him to his research and analytics.

7. When other companies or clients visit your office, they will literally do whatever you ask of them. Because. You have. A dog. / Via

See? She's hypnotized.

8. The amount of selfies you can take with an office dog? Endless. / Via


9. Everyone can take turns walking the dog, forcing even the most insane workaholics to get some fresh air.

Image Source / Getty Images

Just don't forget the poo bags. People will call you out. They will be merciless.

10. Dogs in the office boost productivity. Seriously. It's been proven. / Via

Pour out your coffee and surround yourself with nothing but pooches.

Have you met Poppin's office dog? His name is Tucker, and he's here to make your workday happier. / Via Instagram: @poppin

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