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Top 7 Of April Fool's That Will Show Your Friends How Much You Love Them (or Not)

As April Fool's Day is coming soon, there are some ideas to prank your classmates, workmates, family or even people you don’t know. But remember, do them, at your own risk.

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1- Put cellophane on the toilet.

2- Put the Google web browser of your friend’s computer in another language such as Russian or Chinese.

3- Hack the automatic correction of someone’s computer and make it correct silly things.

4- Put little drops of paint on someone’s car at the bottom of the windshield and once the windshield wipers are on it will make a rainbow.


5- Glue a coin on the ground and watch people try to pick it up.

6- Put glasses of water upside down and enjoy watching people clean up the mess.


7- Create a fake glue stain to put on various precious objects such as a laptop to scare your friends.

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