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15 Thoughts We've All Had While Jogging

Sure it keeps you healthy, but at what cost?!

1. "Jogging! This is great! I look great! I feel great!"

2. "I should do this more often."

3. "OK, feeling pretty good. How far have we done... Only 1.2km?!"


4. "Stop looking at your watch – it's not helping!"

5. "That definitely has to have been another kilometre."

6. "There's just no such thing as good running weather."

7. "Why didn't you go to the toilet before you left? You knew you needed to!"

8. "And of course, now I've got a stitch."

9. "This seemed like a fantastic idea at the time."

10. "Are you supposed to smile when you pass other joggers? Wave?"

11. "If I concentrate on my breathing and the beat of the music, maybe I won't notice how much my shorts are chafing."

12. "I wonder if anyone can tell how much I'm DYING out here."

*ducks out of the way to avoid being spotted by Laura from next-door*

13. "How do people do this for FOUR hours?"

14. "This gale force wind will add two minutes on to my time, at least."

15. "Finished! Now that wasn't so bad really. I reckon I could do double that next time, easy!"

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