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15 Thoughts We've All Had While Jogging

Sure it keeps you healthy, but at what cost?!

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1. "Jogging! This is great! I look great! I feel great!"

Jordan Siemens / Getty Images

2. "I should do this more often."

3. "OK, feeling pretty good. How far have we done... Only 1.2km?!"

Gebert86 / Getty Images


4. "Stop looking at your watch – it's not helping!"

Stanton Stephens / Getty Images

5. "That definitely has to have been another kilometre."

Matthew Leete / Getty Images

6. "There's just no such thing as good running weather."

7. "Why didn't you go to the toilet before you left? You knew you needed to!"

franckreporter / Getty Images

8. "And of course, now I've got a stitch."

I love images / Getty Images

9. "This seemed like a fantastic idea at the time."

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. "Are you supposed to smile when you pass other joggers? Wave?"

Westend61 / Getty Images

11. "If I concentrate on my breathing and the beat of the music, maybe I won't notice how much my shorts are chafing."

Gary Burchell / Getty Images

12. "I wonder if anyone can tell how much I'm DYING out here."

HBO / Via

*ducks out of the way to avoid being spotted by Laura from next-door*

13. "How do people do this for FOUR hours?"

NBC / Via

14. "This gale force wind will add two minutes on to my time, at least."

Westend61 / Getty Images

15. "Finished! Now that wasn't so bad really. I reckon I could do double that next time, easy!"

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