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10 Terrifying Tests To See If Your Home Is Haunted

Warning: What you are about to do might invite evil spirits into your home. Proceed with caution. Scared yet? See Poltergeist in theatres May 22. #WhatAreYouAfraidOf?

1. Do an energy audit.

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That cold spot in your room? Might be a ghost.

Get yourself a thermal imaging camera, and you'll be able to spot where in the house (like that dark corner in your room) a ghost is standing in. Prepare to weep when on your camera you see the dark blue shape of a person hovering over your bed.

2. Bring a cat (or dog) into your home.

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If your pet is always whining and staring at a corner, it's time to move out!

Animals have been blessed (or cursed) with a sixth sense. You might not be able to see the ghost of the little girl hiding in your kitchen, but you better believe that a cat will. If your cat or dog is growling or hissing at the air, it's a safe bet that there is something haunting you.

3. Use a voice recorder.

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Think you hear whispers at night? Listen closer.

Stand in the room where you think there might be a haunting. Turn on the recorder and ask the ghost a series of questions, then leave the room for about 30 minutes to give time for the ghost to answer. Listen to the recording and you might hear a small voice speaking back to you.

4. Burn sage (smudging).

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If an evil spirit is dwelling in your basement, you'll want to try this.

Smoke 'em out! Walking around the house while burning white sage is a way to rouse the spirits settled in your home. If you're concerned your home is infected with an evil presence, try this method while saying, "You are free to go!" and see if you feel a change in atmosphere.

5. Use a Ouija Board.

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You've been scared to try it, but direct communication can be the simplest way to sniff out a spirit.

Ouija boards aren't just for child's play. This is a tried and true method of communicating with whoever might be haunting your home. This website warns though, if the board begins to spell "hell" or "evil," quickly move the planchette to "good-bye," before the demon has a chance to really get into your house.

6. Take a picture.

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There's someone behind you, you just can't see him.

The naked eye can't always see the ghosts around us. Using a camera with a flash causes the spirit to be illuminated. Walk around your darkened house taking pictures and review them later to see where in the shadows a figure might be.

7. Keep a journal.

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Midnight is called the witching hour for a reason — a ghost may be trying to get your attention.

Do you always hear someone whispering your name at 3 a.m.? Does your bathroom light turn on at midnight? Keep a journal to document when these occurrences happen. If it's happening at the same time each night it's quite likely it's a ghost.

8. Use dowsing rods.

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Let the ghosts show you the way.

Hold two L-shaped rods in your hands and say, "Move these rods if you're open to talking to me." Then say, "Please establish which way means yes," and then proceed to ask yes or no questions. If there is a ghost present, it will move the rods to speak with you. Let's just hope it's a nice ghost.

9. Get an app.

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Have a ghost? There's an app for that.

Ghost detection systems can be pricey, but thanks to modern technology, your smartphone can do all these fancy tricks for you. Some apps have a radar mechanism that can pick up where bursts of energy are going off in your home, like that spot in your attic where two little ghosts are playing hide-and-go-seek.

10. Scrying.

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Scared there is someone in your house? Take a look in the mirror.

Similar to looking into a crystal ball, scrying consists of looking into a mirror (or any reflective surface) while entering into a meditative state. The reflection should begin to get hazy. It is around this time when figures or faces will appear in the mirror. Just remember — you asked for this!

What you find in your house might just scare you to death. See Poltergeist in theatres May 22. #WhatAreYouAfraidOf?

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