What If Cities Had Pokémon Mascots?

Every place has its official bird, official fruit, even official insects. Well, it’s time they got their official Pokémon. Can’t think of a Pokémon that represents your hometown? Check out what new evolutions are in store in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, coming October 12 to 3DS.

1. Cancun, Mexico - Ludicolo

Marcelo Goncalves

Flickr: savingfutures

Pokémon Company


2. Cairo, Egypt - Cofagrigus

Charlie Phillips

Flickr: savingfutures

Pokémon Company


3. Salt Lake City, Utah - Beedrill

Pokémon Company


4. Seattle, Washington - Gloom


Lloyd Morgan

Pokémon Company


5. New Orleans, Louisiana - Haunter

Pokémon Company


6. Sydney, Australia - Kangaskhan

Jimmy Harris

Flickr: jimmyharris

Pokémon Company


7. Kona, Hawaii - Magmar

Brian Snelson

Flickr: exfordy

Pokémon Company


8. Pamplona, Spain - Tauros

Andrea Ciambra

Flickr: tchacky

Pokémon Company


9. Hong Kong - Gyarados

Pokémon Company


10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Steelix

Jonny Goldstein

Flickr: jonnygoldstein

Pokémon Company


11. Paris, France - Furfrou


Flickr: agawdilim

Pokémon Company


12. Tokyo, Japan - Samurott

Sebastien Batardy

Flickr: 30339858@N03

Pokémon Company


13. Nairobi, Kenya - Zebstrika

Pokémon Company


14. Las Vegas, Nevada - Elektross

Pokémon Company


15. London, England - Honchkrow

Tim Morris

Flickr: timmorris

Pokémon Company


16. Los Angeles, California - Koffing


Flickr: travelingotter

Pokémon Company


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