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    Thor's Fantastical Family Tree

    Like any mythological pantheon, the gods and goddesses of Asgard love having large families. The all-father Odin is no exception to this rule, thus providing Thor and Loki with a plethora of siblings to play with and an older relative to fear.

    Cul, God of Fear

    Cul, God of Fear
    Marvel Comics / Via

    As a young man Cul was riding around Aesheim, aka Earth, when he was attacked by a giant and thrown off a mountain. Breaking both his legs, Cul bandaged himself up and crawled to the giant’s camp to enact his revenge. He drank the blood of all the giants, save one, whom he wrote a chilling message in blood: “Gods do not live in the sky. We live on the Earth. And you do so at our pleasure." The terrified giant spread this message far and wide causing Cul’s reputation as the god of fear to spread across the Earth.

    As the eldest of Bor Burison sons including Odin, Vili and Ve, Cul was first in line for the throne when Bor died. For centuries Cul ruled Aesheim until his brother Odin received a vision from Yggdrasil, the world tree, warning him of all the future harm Cul would do to Midgard’s people. Teaming up with his other brothers Vili and Ve, Odin confronted Cul at his citadel but is unwilling to kill his brother. Odin instead traps him underneath the ocean leaving him to rot. Cul feeds on the fear of humans to survive and stews underneath the ocean, waiting for his time to strike. With Odin dead and Asgard destroyed after the events of Thor: Ragnarök, Earth is prime for the picking. The Blip has introduced a level of panic and fear on Earth that can empower Cul to break out of his prison and enact his vengeance again his brother’s precious Midgard.

    Balder Odinson, God of Light

    Marvel Comics / Via

    Son of Odin and Frigga, Balder acts as a close friend and stepbrother to the Prince of Thunder in the Marvel Comics lore. Prophecies foretold that Balder’s death would be the cause of Ragnarök causing Odin to want to give his son invulnerability. However, wanting to test Balder first, Odin accuses him of treason for returning an injured bird to its nest instead of fighting in battle. The All-Father orders Tyr and Honir to fire arrows and throw lances at him. While the weapons were intercepted at the very last moment, Balder did not flinch proving himself to be one of the bravest in all of Asgard. This result satisfied Odin and he had his wife Frigga cast a spell that would protect Bolder from the harm of any living or inanimate thing.

    Last we saw Thor he was setting out for an adventure amongst the stars with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Given that Odin kept one sibling a secret from Thor and Loki, there is no reason to believe Balder wasn’t given a secret assignment, locked away or off on a grand quest. With Thor no longer in New Asgard to keep unknown forces at bay, it may be time for a new crowned prince to defend the throne – enter Balder. The god of light’s invulnerability would be very useful when defending New Asgard and would make for an interesting pairing with Valkyrie.

    Aldrif Odinsdottir

    Aldrif Odinsdottir wielding a sword
    Marvel Comics / Via

    The firstborn of Odin and Frigga, Aldrif was kidnapped by the Queen of Angels when Heven waged war on Asgard. When attempting to blackmail Odin into surrendering failed, the queen seemingly killed Aldrif. She then ordered her handmaiden, Loriel, to dispose of the baby's body. Discovering that the child lived, Loriel raised her as an Angel of Heven named Angela. Growing up Angela was ridiculed for not having wings like the rest of the Angels and would seek comfort in her “mother” until Loriel disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This did not deter the daughter of Odin, as she eventually rose to a leadership role within the community.

    Similar to Loki’s origin story, Aldrif is daughter of a ruler kidnapped and raised in another world. With the original Asgard was destroyed, the Asgardians are no longer the premier power in the cosmos. Heven can fill the void left by the Norse deities as a leader within the MCU's cosmic community. The Queen of Angels could be incentivized to take over an Earth with no powerful defenders present to defend it. If she chooses to wage this war it would be great to see Aldrif by her side.

    Vidar Odinson, God of Strength

    Vidar holding a sword
    Marvel Comics / Via

    Son of Odin and the Storm Giantess Grid, Vidar has a rather large bone to pick with Odin. In Marvel Comics lore, the All-Father banished Vidar from Asgard when he married Frigga. In Norse mythology Vidar is part of the younger generation of gods who survives Ragnarök, the end of the world story in Norse mythology. During Ragnarök Odin is eaten by the giant wolf Fenrir, as seen in Thor: Ragnarök, and Vidar immediately looks for revenge against the canine.

    As one of the strongest gods on Asgard, besides Thor, Vidar could prove to be an interesting and powerful character. His anger at Odin could be transferred to Thor as Odin is no longer alive to receive Vidar’s revenge. As one of the most powerful Avengers, it would be cinematically brilliant to see Thor fight against a being who is his equal. Vidar would most likely not be on Earth, as the god of strength he would have journeyed around the cosmos looking for worthy opponents. Hearing of Odin’s death would then prompt Vidar to return home to try and claim the throne, only to find Valkyrie in power.

    Tyr Odinson, God of War

    Tyr with a sword
    Marvel Comics

    The eldest son of Odin, Tyr was famous across Asgard for his courage and bravery in battle in the Marvel Comics universe. One day the gods of Asgard were trying to find a way to imprison the near invulnerable wolf Fenris as it proved too strong to tie up with normal chains. Odin hired the dwarves to build a magical ribbon called the Gleinpnir made out of the beard of a woman and the roots from a mountain. The gods then asked Fenris if they could tie him up as a game, however the wolf was suspicious of their intentions having smelled their fear. The wolf would only allow the Asgardians to tie him up if one of them agreed to put a hand in his mouth as a sign of good faith. Tyr was the only god to agree and the moment Fenris realized he was trapped, he ate Tyr’s hand.

    When Thor was born, he replaced Tyr as the protector of Asgard causing Tyr to resent his younger stepbrother. This dynamic could come into play in the MCU as New Asgard needs its own defender after Thor left Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally, with Odin no longer in power Tyr could try to take the throne by force as he is one of the strongest Asgardians besides Thor and Vidar. With New Asgard being a shell of its former self, having the eldest son of Odin return to bring glory back to Asgard would be a great story for the MCU to explore.

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