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Top 10 Nintendo Characters That Need To Be In The Next Super Smash Bros

No third party characters allowed here, just Nintendo's original beloved characters.

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10. Ridley

Metroid's popular villain has been one of the most fan requested Smash characters of all time. However, he only reaches number 10 on this list, because the creator of the franchise has stated he doesn't see how he could resize Ridley to correlate with the other characters. If there is ever a solution to this problem, there would be no reason why he shouldn't be put into the game immediately.

9. Dr. Lobe

The last few Smash games have added at least one very strange Nintendo character people didn't see coming. Melee had the 1980s two dimensional Mr. Game and Watch, and Brawl had R.O.B. a toy that was packaged with the Nintendo Entertainment system to help it sell units. The previous smash had the Dog who laughs at you in Duck Hunt when you miss all the ducks. Dr. Lobe needs to be the next strange character. The Big Brain Academy franchise has sold over 10 million units so it is time for it to get some love.

8. Impa

The last Smash game did a particularly good job of adding a bunch of new female fighters. However, it failed to add a new Legend of Zelda character even though it is one of Nintendo's best selling franchises of all time. The Legend of Zelda's ultra cool sheikan tribe warrior, Impa, needs to be the next female to join the fight. She proved her fighting skills with her role in the Wii U's Hyrule Warriors, and is ready to take herself to the next level.

7. Starfy

If you are a Smash fan, you may recall seeing this little guy as an assist trophy in the last two smash games. It is time we promote him to a starring role...get it. Starfy has 5 of his own games, but hasn't had a new game release in quite a while. Super Smash Bros could be the perfect way to re launch this lovable guy back into the mainstream. Smash got the Fire Emblem franchise over to America for the first time, and resurrected the Kid Icarus franchise after over a decade of absence, lets give this guy a chance to shine.

6. Doc Louis

Super Smash Bros unfortunately lacks any African American fighters. Is Nintendo racist? Probably not. No, instead you have to take into consideration the vast majority of their characters are Japanese, even if they actually appear white. Punch Out's Little Mac was a huge fan favorite in the previous installment of the franchise, why not add his right hand man to the battle. It would be nice seeing some diversity in the roster.

5. Professor E Gadd

This wacky inventor was introduced in 2001's Luigi's Mansion for the Gamecube. Luigi's Mansion received a 3DS sequel about a decade later and sold over 5 million units!! Wario and Yoshi both represent their own franchises in Smash even though they originated with Mario, how about we let Luigi branch off too include a character from his games. E Gadd could use his wonky weapons to attack fighters, and call upon King Boo for his final smash.

4. KK Slidder

Animal Crossing has proven to be one of Nintendo's biggest money makers in the past 20 years. Villager's inclusion in the last game was a good start, but the franchise desperately needs more representation. While the series has many popular faces, I chose KK Slidder because I like the idea of using an instrument as a weapon. Music based attacks seems like a really cool concept, and I'm sure KK could bring out his DJ set for his final smash.

3. King K Rool

This was a toss up between Rool and Dixie Kong, but either one would be an amazing slot for the Donkey Kong franchise. The franchise has sold over 55 million units yet only has 2 characters represented in Smash. That is crazy! I gave Impa to the female fans, so I chose Rool over Dixie so we could have some villain representation. He'd be quite the foe to face off against in the battlefield.

2. Issac

Issac debuted in the early 2000s on the Gameboy Advance in Golden Sun, and was met with respectable sales. He appeared as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but disappeared in the following game. This warrior needs to come back. Not only can he combat with his sword, but he also possess magic abilities. He's basically screaming to be included, and it is always nice when a new franchise gets introduced in Smash.

1. Inkling

This was an easy first place choice! Splatoon has been incredible success for Nintendo over the last few years, and was one of the troubled Wii U's shining moments. Nintendo's first shooter franchise is getting a sequel in a few months, and the fanbase for these guys is huge. It would be insane to not see a Splatoon character not introduced in the next Smash.

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