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The DIY Guide For Prepping Your Home For College Basketball

This is a sacred time.

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1. Got a job? Make up some excuse and work from home.


Can't work from home? We're not telling you to quit, but maybe you should quit.

2. Get comfy.

MPO Productions / Via

Have a roommate? Maybe keep it decent. No roommate? You do you.

3. Place and arrange your desk for optimal TV viewing. / Via

Don't be afraid to get creative.

4. Immediately abandon desk and proceed to work from couch.


C'mon, let's be serious.

5. Make sure you have food and water within reach. / Via

Hoops is a high-intensity game, and you need to be at your best.

6. In fact, just put your favorite delivery place on speed dial. / Via

You don't want to get distracted with trivial things such as what you feel like eating.

7. Invite your friends over who have a similar bracket. / Via

Winning is more fun when you have friends to celebrate with.

8. Place a real-life and social media ban on friends with opposing brackets.

Fox Television / Via

This also applies to family and significant others.

9. Don't neglect your pets. / Via

They'll lick your face if you lose or lick your face if you win.

10. Make sure you're getting enough exercise.


Walking to the fridge does not count as exercise.

11. Keep in contact with the outside world. / Via

Calling your friends to gloat about your bracket is totally acceptable.

12. Make sure you have support in case your bracket busts. / Via

This whole thing is stupid anyway.

13. And, if you emerge victorious, make sure everybody knows it. / Via


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