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14 Signs You Grew Up Playing PlayStation

Remember unwrapping your very first one for Christmas and then not turning it off for at least a week? This Christmas might be time to do it again with a PS4.

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1. First off, this sound will forever bring you joy:

View this video on YouTube / Via MaxiFX (CC BY 1.0)

2. And this one:

View this video on YouTube / Via MaxiFX (CC BY 1.0)

3. You have a soft spot for demo CDs.

Michael Liddell (Public Domain) / Via

These were the first thing you'd play. Seeing what was going to get launched and playing them over and over until you actually got your hands on them.

11. You'll forever be grateful for memory cards.

Evan-Amos (Public Domain) / Via

There used to be a time when you'd have to play a game over the entire weekend because there was no way of saving progress.

Now it's time to upgrade to a PlayStation 4 this Christmas to continue creating timeless PlayStation memories.

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