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13 Babies Who Want You To Know You Just Got Served

These babies know exactly how to serve up a victory dance. Think you can do better? Prove it.

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1. This baby can't even wrap its head around how poorly you performed out there:

2. This baby's at a luau where, instead of roast pork, you're the only thing being served:

3. This baby barely has to try to get your dirt off his shoulders:

4. This baby can't even believe how hard you just got owned, though:

5. This kid just stays wavin' at all his haters:

6. And this baby can't even see your weak moves:

7. But this baby has all the right ones:

8. Meanwhile, this baby's headbanging is plain-old inspirational:

9. And rockin' on is just another day in the life for this baby:

10. This tiny twerk team is really loving their spot in the winners' circle:

11. And these twins are feelin' real good about their total domination:

12. This baby's dancing circles around the competition:

13. And this baby's first taste of winning... was delicious. He'll take all you've got:

Had it up to here with these kids? Show them how it's done with your own victory dance.