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    Plastic Keeps Polluting Our Planet - This 40 Second Cartoon Shows You Why

    8-10 million tonnes of plastics enters our ocean every year. That's the equivalent of one dump truck per minute. But why does it keep happening? And what can we do about it? The answer might not be what you expected.

    Plastic pollution has become one the most pressing environmental problems, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products is devouring the planet – leaving traces all over nature and natural habitats.

    For way too long, the debate around plastic pollution has been dominated by the conversation about how consumers can change their habits and improve waste sorting. It is indeed true that we as consumers have an impact on the current plastic crisis. But consumers can’t fix everything alone. As long as the endless streams of disposable plastic keeps flooding the market, we will see no positive decrease in the volumes of plastic in nature.

    That's the key message of this wonderful little cartoon, starring the incredibly sweet protagonist, Jimmy The Boy Scout.

    Little Jimmy spots a disposable bottle in nature
    The Animation Workshop

    Based in a universe that is clearly inspired by the cartoons of the 1940’s (which, by the way, is long before we even started talking about plastic pollution), Little Jimmy sets off to do everything in his power to keep the planet free from plastic pollution.

    The Animation Workshop

    On his way, he collects tons of plastic waste and frees the animals trapped in it. But just as Jimmy believes he’s dealt with the last piece of garbage, he encounters the root cause of the problem.

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    We can't keep cleaning up forever

    It’s about time Big Oil and Big Plastics take responsibility for the externalized costs of the plastic items that they create, and the irreparable damage they’re causing to the environment.

    We must stop plastic pollution at source, with strong regulations that protect people and planet.

    About the authors

    'Little Jimmy' is the first animation in a series of 6 films produced by students at The Animation Workshop / Via University College. During their bachelor's education, they have have worked with Danish environmental NGO Plastic Change to convey a good cause.

    Who we are

    Plastic Change is a Danish NGO fighting to end plastic pollution.

    Learn more and get involved at

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      Do you agree that the plastics industry should take greater responsibility for plastic pollution?

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