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12 Worst Things About Corporate Life

Just because they pay you doesn't mean you have to like it! We get it, office life isn't exactly glamorous. Take solace in the fact you're not alone, and for an extra pick-me-up, check out

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1. When you have to come in first thing Monday morning for a status meeting.

2. When you're in "the zone" with your work and someone slams you with a new assignment.

3. When you are in a meeting that you don't have to be in and you have a ton of work to finish.

4. When you ask your manager a question on a really busy day.

5. When your laptop starts to act up when you have a tight deadline.

6. When a coworker or manager takes credit for your work.

7. When you find out how much your boss gets paid.

8. When you find out your clients are doing a walk through in the office.

9. When you're trying to avoid anyone giving you work at 4:00PM on a Friday.

10. When your best friend who is a waitress makes way more money than you do.

11. When your coworkers start e-mailing you at your personal e-mail address.

12. But the workday is only 8 hours...

So just keep telling yourself "It's going to be okay."