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10 Gifts That Really Do Make A Difference

Some gifts really do keep on giving. Give a gift to someone in need this holiday season with Plan International USA.

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1. School Supplies

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When thinking about school supplies, it's best to donate to programs that work directly with schools. In the poorest countries, these supplies are often considered a luxury and can jump-start success.

2. Goats

Jon Stammers / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 62611896@N00

Giving a goat might seem like an odd gift, but a goat can sustain a family with the milk it produces. Through their milk, goats can also provide cheese and yogurt, which families can consume or sell.

3. Money

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Small monetary donations toward things like this "Where Needed Most" program ensure that you are giving directly to initiatives that requires immediate attention, like the building of health clinics or providing clean water.

8. Seeds

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Seeds are one of those great gifts that are very easy to give and can provide a lifetime of return. Give seeds that will grow into fruit trees or vegetable plants and ensure a family will get all the nutrients they need.

9. Fishing Equipment

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The adage about teaching a man how to fish is applicable here! You can help struggling families in fishing communities by giving them nets, fishing rods, or a school of fish to multiply.

10. Baby Chicks

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Baby chicks are not only cute, but they grow up to provide nutrient-packed eggs. Giving several chicks is cheap, and they'll naturally multiply, providing eggs for eating and selling at a very low-maintenance cost.