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P. Stone- LDR 2010

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Introductory Paragraph

To begin with, leadership is seen in everything you do. A good leader knows what they want and where they are going. I believe that a leader should be hard working and also have their goals in mind. A leader is self aware and aware of others. The three elements of my leadership code are competence, good character, and facilitating change. I think that these three things are important because in creates a leader with a plan in mind.

Values Paragraph

Values are seldom talked about but are essential in developing a leadership philosophy. Core values are the principles that guide our actions, beliefs, and decisions. The three values I chose are compassion, hard work, learning. Compassion is important to show to people who you are leading. Compassion makes people feel included and cared for. Hard work is important in anything you do. If a leader is not working hard, the people who are following will not work hard either. In addition, learning promotes growth. A leader is not simply a teacher. Leaders learn from their peers and listen intently to authority.

There's only one standard way of leading

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This statement is one of the biggest myths of leadership. Everyone has their own leadership philosophy. Saying that there is only one way of leading is nonsense. I have created my own leadership philosophy as explained in this article. It is unique to me.

Leaders are born

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Saying that a leader is born is another myth of leadership. Some people may have certain qualities that make them an effective leader, but a leader grows over time. Being a leader is not implanted in you when you're born. For me, I want to personally work on my leadership skills on and off the soccer field. I can do this by taking more leadership roles.

Leadership is relational

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Relationships are the key to effective leadership. You cannot lead yourself. In order to learn and grow as a leader you need to surround yourself with good influences. To me, this means having healthy relationships within my family and friends.

Leading by example

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Doing the right things is essential to being a great leader. People are always observing your actions, whether you know it or not. To me, this means doing the right things as an example to my younger brother. He looks up to me and notices any decisions I make.

Taking action to solve conflict

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A leader can act as a mediator. A leader must take initiative in order to solve problems. A leader must be willing to get out of their comfort zone. For me, this means solving problems on my soccer team. I try to take charge and find a solution.


My leadership philosophy is based on my three core values: compassion, hard work, and learning. This class has given me a chance to explore my leadership strengths and weaknesses. My philosophy affects my daily life and those who are around me. This class has helped me to evaluate myself and develop new skills.

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