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    I Ranked Dogs By The Level Of F*ckboy Vibes They Give Off

    There are good boys, and then there are f*ckboys.

    Is your dog a good boy, or is he low-key a f*ckboy?

    Dogs are our best friends. Loyal, cute, and full of personality, sometimes they can even be a little too human. If a person can have a "golden retriever personality," why not the other way around? I ranked 7 small dog breeds by their level of f*ckboy vibes. Here they are, from lowest to highest.

    7. Bulldog

    6. Corgi

    corgi in snow

    5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    king charles spaniel

    4. French Bulldog

    french bulldog smiles

    3. Chihuahua

    chihuahua on stairs

    2. Dachshund

    dachshund on a rock

    1. Jack Russell Terrier

    jack russell in a field