Ten Unexpected Song Mashups That Sound Better Together

What could possibly make your favorite song better? When a good song is good, you know it’s bound to be a classic—so why not combine it with another classic? Like Pizza Hut’s Garlic Bread Pizza, you can’t go wrong when you combine two good things. It’s only better, like these mashups.

1. The Smiths x Lana Del Rey - "This Charming Video Game"

2. Stevie Wonder x Metallica - "Sad But Superstitious"

3. Bubba Sparks x Little Mermaid - "Under The Booty"

4. Gotye feat. Kimbra x Drake feat. Rihanna x. Adele x Bruno Mars - "Somebody That I Used To Know"

5. MGMT + Chiddy Bang = "Opposite of Adults"

6. The Beatles + Black Eyed Peas = "Black Beatles"

7. R. Kelly x Broken Social Scene - "I'm a Flirt"

8. Notorious B.I.G. x Nirvana - "Smells Like A Nasty Boy"

9. Beastie Boys x Daft Punk - "Around the Intergalactic World"

10. Jason Mraz x TLC - "I'm Your Scrub"

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