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12 Times Anna Kendrick Was A Boss Pitch In "Pitch Perfect"

As Beca in Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick never minces words. See Beca continue to tell it like it is in Pitch Perfect 2, Now Playing in theaters.

1. When she opened a conversation with a stranger like this:

2. When she saw the bigger picture behind this pillow fight:

3. When she shut down that ridiculous complaint like this:

4. When she gave some German haters the lay of the land.

5. When she had some killer ideas for a first date that 100% will not lead to a second date.

6. When her priorities were well in order.

7. When she told us, in no uncertain terms, to cut the crap.

8. When her stern poker face hid the fact that...

...she was actually a dancing machine.

9. When she didn't hesitate to make a fart noise for her team.

10. When she stayed stone cold in the face of Lily's adorable tongue.

11. When she didn't care what you did as long as you did it well.

12. And when she made it clear that her friends were the most important thing to her.

All images courtesy of Universal Pictures

See Beca and the rest of the Bellas as they take no crap while taking on the world in Pitch Perfect 2, in theaters May 15.