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    28 Insanely Easy Christmas Decorations To Make In A Pinch

    For the festive procrastinator, add holiday cheer with very little effort.

    1. Cranberry Centerpieces

    Fill clear containers (plastic or glass will do) with Epsom salts, cranberries, and some evergreen trimmings, as done here.

    2. Ornament Vase

    Got leftover ornaments? Stick them in a vase for a quick and pretty centerpiece, as done here.

    3. Thumbtack Candles

    Stick a bunch of metallic thumbtacks into plain white candles to make them instantly party ready! This blogger had the bright idea.

    4. Pipe Cleaner Tree Decorations

    All you need are fingers and pipe cleaners to make these wonky tree decorations. So quick you can make just a few, or dozens! Check out this post.

    5. Swank Stir Sticks

    Tape curled ribbon to the top of bamboo sticks for glamorous party libations. Julie Blanner tells you how.

    6. Simple Bow

    Bows aren't just for gifts — place them above your doorknob or on your mantle for a simple festive touch, as seen here.

    7. Snow Ornaments

    Fill a clear ornament with polyester fiber fill to bring some snow indoors in seconds. Check out this post.

    8. Wheat Stalks Centerpiece

    Loosely cinch craft-store wheat stalks with ribbon and place in a glass container for an au natural Christmas centerpiece, as done here.

    9. Candy Mantel

    Fill glass jars with candies that match your holiday decor. Quick, easy, and yummy. As seen here.

    10. Ornament Swag

    Got leftover ornaments? String them together with wire to make pretty wall decor, as done here.

    11. Peppermint Candies

    Peppermint candies are pretty enough to use as tabletop decorations.

    12. Pinecone Garland


    Make this natural garland by wrapping the ends of pinecones with yarn and hanging them above the mantle.

    13. Ornament Planter / Via

    Add a pop of holiday decor by filling the vase of a house plant with bright bulb ornaments, as done here.

    14. Persimmon Branches

    If you're lucky enough to have a persimmon tree, you can hang a few branches on your doorway, like this. But this looks lovely with evergreens too!

    15. Evergreen Trimming

    Everyone loses a few Christmas tree branches in the installation process. Stick them in a glass jar like this blogger.

    16. Gift Bow Garland

    This fun garland is simply made of gift bows stuck on string.

    17. Cake Stand Greenery

    If you don't have time to make ornate Christmas cakes, fill your cake stand with greenery and/or ornaments, as done here.

    18. Candy Cane Decor

    Candy canes are just plain pretty. Stick them in a vase or potted plant for instant holiday cheer.

    19. Ribbon Wrapped Candles

    Wrap red and white ribbons around simple white candles for Christmas flare, as seen here.

    20. Mistletoe / Via

    Mistletoe is always fun, and best when simple as done here. Just hang it over a doorway, or anywhere you chose.

    21. Stacked Bowls

    To make this simple centerpiece, fill stacked bowls with ornaments, nuts, fir trimmings, and berries.

    22. Berry Branches in Bottles

    So easy and so elegant.

    23. Jingle Bells

    You can hang jingle bells big and small pretty much anywhere — on the door, as done here, above the mantle, on the tree, and even scattered atop the table.

    24. Cookie Cutters

    Add a little something more to a white tabletop by scattering Christmas-shaped cookie cutters throughout, like this blogger did.

    25. Stockings Stuffed with Utensils

    Buy a bunch of mini stockings at the craft store, and use them to hold utensils at your Christmas table, as done here.

    26. Stick Candles

    Though understated, stick candles are appropriately festive when surrounded by a bit of greenery like this.

    27. Faux Snow

    Scatter faux snow on the mantle, table, or just about anywhere for instant Christmas. As seen here.

    28. Barn Stars

    Adding a large barn star to your mantle makes it feel like Noel. Get this look by buying a star or make your own.