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    2 Adorable Pairs Of DIY Sandals For Summer

    Time to show off your toes!

    Whether you're in the mood for flip flops or heels, these DIY sandal ideas have got you covered.

    1. Macrame Braided Slippers

    These macrame sandals were created by Aki at Minted Strawberry.

    Gather your materials: two colors of embroidery thread, a glue gun, gems, scissors, and a pair of flip flops.

    Cut about 9 feet of each color of embroidery thread. Find the middle and tie a knot around the junction of the thong and the shoe on the outer side. Separate the threads into like colors.

    Make a square knot. Put your left threads over the thong part of the shoe and the right threads. Then pull your right threads over the left threads, under the thong part of the flip flop and into the loop made by the left threads. Tighten by pulling both threads. Repeat the process until you get to the junction of the shoe or you run out of thread.

    Embellish. Using your glue gun, glue the gems in place.

    You are done! You may choose to braid the other side of the thong or leave it as is.

    2. Tassel Wrapped Heels

    Next up, Natalie from My Little Secrets makes tasseled high heels.

    The materials: sandals that have an ankle strap and a single cross strap, flat leather/suede cording (a minimum of 6 meters total), embroidery cording in 2 colors (preferably with a sparkly sheen and texture), 4 jump rings, jewelry wire, scissors, pliers, 4 wooden beads (optional), and a glue gun (optional).

    Create a braid. Working one shoe at a time, cut 3 equal length pieces of leather suede cording, approximately 1 meter each (this is going to depend on your preference on how many times you want to wrap around your ankles). Tie the 3 pieces together in a knot at one end and tape down on a flat surface. Braid the 3 strands.

    Adjust the tape as you work, if necessary. When you're done, knot the end and set the braid aside.

    Create the first tassel. Take a piece of cardboard cut to the desired length of the tassel you want. Wrap the embroidery cord repeatedly around the length of the cardboard until you have reached the end. Then take a piece of wire about 2" long, and tuck it under the embroidery cording.

    Use a set of pliers and secure the loose wire ends by twisting them together. Cut the excess ends off with scissors and tuck them under the loop.

    Taking some more wire, wrap it around the top edge of the tassel several times. Leave about ¼" from the top. Take a pair of scissors and cut the ends through the loop to create the tassel fringes.

    Insert a jump ring through the top loop of the tassel and secure it with pliers. Repeat on your second tassel.

    Measure where you want the first tassel to reach on your braided strand. Then secure them with a second jump ring through the first, then affixed to the braided strand. Repeat this for your second tassel.

    Take the braided strand, fold it in half and take the loop under the strap of your shoe as shown. Loop the ends through and pull to create a knot around the strap.

    Repeat all the steps above for your second shoe. And you're done! If you want, add additional embellishments onto your strands with a glue gun. Since the straps are removable, you can reuse them for other shoes or accessories.