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    Three Glamorous DIY Gatsby-Inspired Headbands

    Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan with these gorgeous art deco headpieces.

    Flapper fashion never goes out of style. A glitzy Gatsby headband adds a touch of 1920s glam to any wedding or party event you have coming up this summer.

    Ren from the blog All the Good Girls Go to Heaven shows us three seriously easy variations on the Gatsby-esque headpiece. Check out her wedding blog Shine Trim NY here.

    1. Daisy's Crystal Headband

    Materials: Nora rhinestone banding (the one shown was purchased here), Zelda applique (here), a rhinestone button (here), two 12" strands of ribbon, glue, and scissors.

    First, glue one end of your rhinestone chain to the end of one strand of ribbon. Repeat on the other end.

    Glue the applique to one side of your headband. You'll want it slightly off-center.

    Glue your button to the center of the applique.

    And you're done!

    2. The Art Deco Headband

    Materials: Emblem appliqué (found here), 3' of ribbon, glue, and scissors.

    Find the center of your ribbon and glue on the center of the appliqué at this point. Continue gluing outward until it's secure. That’s it! (This might be the easiest DIY ever).

    3. Hanging Crystal Headband

    Materials: simple black or silver headband, bebe rhinestone applique (here), rhinestone leaf trim (here), rhinestone chain (here), and glue.

    Cut out a few different shapes from your trim.

    Glue the applique to your headband. Add your trim pieces at either end.

    Glue each end of three bits of chain to the applique. Space them however you like, just make the loops large enough to dangle and overlap them a bit.

    And you're done!