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28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer

Forget candles. These creative lighting ideas are a cheap and easy way to get your backyard beautiful for summer entertaining.

1. Colorful Canning Jar Lights

2. Paper Bag Lanterns

3. Wine Bottle Torch


5. Tin Can Lanterns

6. Hanging Railing Jars

7. Cupcake Lights

8. Glass Candle Lanterns

9. Hanging Tea Lights

10. Mason Jar Solar Lights

11. Tube Lights

12. Hanging Succulent Chandelier

13. Ice Lantern

14. Hula Hoop Chandelier

15. Solar Light Chandelier

16. Wine Glass Chandeliers

17. Grapevine Lights

18. Beer Bottle Table Runner

19. Glow-In-The-Dark Painted Planters

20. Fabric Lamps

21. Upcycled Outdoor Chandelier

22. Starry Lights

23. Birthday Hat Lights

24. Seashell Lighting

25. Origami String Lights

26. Glowing Light Orbs

27. Watercolor Orbes

28. Emergency Outdoor Light

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