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19 Adorable Ways To Decorate A Light Switch Cover

Talk about bright ideas.

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1. Gold Leaf

Add a touch of glitz to your home with a gold leaf light switch, like this one created by Sarah from Sarah Hearts.

Materials: a plastic light switch cover, painter’s tape, one sheet of gold leaf, gold leaf sizing, Mod Podge, a soft paint brush, a foam brush, and rubber or cotton gloves.

1. Apply the tape across the front of the switch plate. Smooth the tape with your hands to make sure it's adhered. (If you want to cover the entire switch plate with gold leaf simply skip this step.)

2. Use the foam brush to apply a very thin coat of the gold leaf sizing to the area you want to be gold, including one of the screw heads. Allow this to dry for about 30 minutes, or until it’s dry but slightly sticky. If you drag your knuckle across it and it squeaks, then it’s ready for the gold leafing.

3. Carefully place the gold leaf on the switch plate. Use your hands to carefully press the foil onto the switch plate.

4. Remove the paper backing. Carefully press the foil onto the switch plate.

5. Wrap the gold leaf on the edges. Use your fingers to press the gold leafing on to the edges.

6. Remove large pieces of excess gold leaf. Use the soft paint brush to remove excess gold leafing around the edges of the switch plate. Repeat to apply gold leaf to one of the screw heads.

7. Remove the painters tape. Peel off the painters tape to reveal the hard edge. Use the soft paint brush to remove any excess gold leaf that may remain where the tape was.

8. Allow to dry for one hour. Use the foam brush to apply a thin, even coat of Mod Podge. Allow to dry completely, around 20 minutes.

2. Geometric Painting

Lynn from Lynn and Lou created this geometric painting light switch cover. Pick colors that match your decor!

Supplies: clear chalk paint, Mod Podge or Shellac, acrylic paint (in several different colors), small paint brush, masking tape, scissors, a light switch plate and screws.

1. Start by painting a layer of clear chalk paint directly onto the light switch plate. This coat is crucial, it ensures that the paint won’t be peel-y.

2. Cut your masking tape into thin pieces and place them on your plate, making the geometric shapes that you desire.

3. Paint small portions of the plate, peeling the tape off immediately and allowing it to dry.

4. You can complete the geometric effect by re-taping and painting in any pattern you desire.

5. When the paint is completely dry, paint one to two thin layers of Mod Podge or Shellac to keep your artwork safe from any outside elements.