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    How To Use Nail Polish In Completely Unexpected Ways

    Contrary to its name, it's not just for nails.

    Bottle Cap Magnets

    These bright little bobbles were created by Catherine from The Pink Doormat.

    Materials: bottle caps, magnets, mounting tape, white nail polish, and a variety of other nail polish colors.

    1. Stick the magnet to the back of your bottle cap using mounting tape. You can also use hot glue if you have it.

    2. Paint 2-3 coats of white nail polish on your bottle cap. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. This white paint will be your background.

    3. Lightly add dots with the nail polish brush. Repeat this step for each color you’d like to add, and wait for a few minutes between each color to allow for drying.

    4. Apply a coat of clear nail polish on the bottle caps for extra shine.

    Water-Marbled Knobs

    Catherine also has a tutorial for these water-marbled drawer knobs on her blog; the watercolor effect is achieved with diluted white polish and a spray bottle. Anthropologie won't have anything on you.

    Colorblock Earrings

    Turn plain metallic earrings into punchy statement jewelry; check out these directions.

    Wire-Wrapped Vase

    This elegant floral decoration was created by Rachel at 52 Weeks Project.

    Materials: a vase, jewelry pliers and clippers, jewelry wire, colored nail polish and top coat nail polish, and a paper towel roll (optional).

    1. Begin by unraveling your wire and wrapping it loosely around your vase. This will give you an idea of how much wire you’ll need to achieve your desired look.

    2. Now add the nail polish. This allows you to customize your wire, and with so many colors available, the possibilities are endless. Wrap your wire around a paper towel roll and apply 1-2 coats of desired color(s). Apply a clear top coat and allow to dry.

    3. Once your wire is good and dry, wrap it once around your vase and twist with your jewelry pliers. Leave a small section of extra wire to help you finish at the end. Wrap the wire around the vase until you can’t make it around again and twist the remaining wire to the small piece you left at the beginning.

    4. Use your jewelry clippers to cut off any excess wire. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and clip the wire away from your face.

    Voila! Floral decor with a colorful twist.

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