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    30 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

    Celebrate baby's arrival with games that are cheesy, ridiculous, and sentimental — all at once.

    1. Race to Water Break


    Everyone puts one of these baby-filled ice cubes in their drink. Whoever's melts first, wins!

    2. Celebrity Mom Trivia

    Via Jun Sato / WireImage

    Make a list of celebrity moms and see who can name all of their kids.

    3. Gender Reveal Voting

    Instant conversation starter: have your guests vote when they walk in.

    4. Guess the Baby Photo

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 34128007@N04

    Have everyone bring a baby photo and try to figure out who's who.

    5. Name the Baby Animal

    Via Flickr: rtv

    Write down a list of animals and see who can guess the terms used for their young. Did you know a baby kangaroo is a joey?

    6. Guess the Baby Food


    Gather up a few unusually flavored baby foods (ham and pineapple puree, anyone?) and have guests perform a taste test.

    7. Name That Poo


    Nasty, but a classic. Melt different types of chocolate bars (caramel, nuts, etc) in baby diapers and have guests guess which is which- or have them race to devour their diaper first.

    8. Playdough Babies


    Have guests flex their sculpting skills by making play doh babies. Give prizes for categorizes such as most anatomically correct, creepiest, funniest, and best overall.

    9. Bobbing for Nipples


    Like the apple version but with the tops of baby bottles instead.

    10. Bottle Chugging


    Fill baby bottles with your drink of choice. Make it a bit more fun for non-pregnant guests by adding some booze, then have guests race to chug them down.

    11. Diaper Messages


    A gift that'll make the mom-to-be's endless changing sessions a bit easier to bear: have guests write funny messages on a bunch of diapers.

    12. Don't Say Baby


    Challenge guests to not say the word "baby". If someone slips, they have to give up their clip (or bow tie, or whatever). Whoever holds out the longest gets a prize.

    13. The Price is Right

    Via Flickr: 23484133@N06

    Babies come with a whole lot of stuff. See who's best at guessing the cost of it all.

    14. Baby Wish List


    Go a more sentimental route by having attendees write down their wishes for baby. Check out this free printable.

    15. Onesie Decorating


    Set up a onesie decorating station. Having cute iron-ons already prepared ensures that even non-crafty guests can participate.

    16. Pin the Sperm on the Egg


    Set up this version of the childhood classic, or make your own board.

    17. Measure Mom's Belly / Via

    Have guests cut pieces of yarn to a length they think corresponds to the circumference of the mom-to-be's belly. Might as well have fun with the one time it's OK to comment on a woman's growing waistline.

    18. Baby Bingo


    In this spin on the classic, guests score when a gift they've predicted (nursing bra, hooded towel, Diaper Genie) is opened.

    19. Word Scramble


    Leave a newborn-baby-themed word scramble at each guest's place setting for an easy and optional ice-breaker.

    20. Animal Gestation Period


    See who can guess the length of different animals' gestation periods. You can use this free printable or make your own list. It'll make you thankful to not be an elephant.

    21. Pregnant Twister


    Have guests strap on fake baby bellies and navigate their way through a game of Twister. Let the real pregnant lady judge from the sidelines.

    22. Children's Books Quiz


    Write down prominent lines from well-known children's books, read them aloud, and see who knows their kids lit best.

    23. Baby Face


    Blow up photos of mom and dad (and other relatives if you'd like) and cut them into strips so guests can rearrange them to see what baby may look like. The results are equal parts funny and creepy.

    24. Advice Book


    Have guests write down their words of wisdom on notecards or pieces of paper, and store them in pretty envelopes or a notebook for the mom-to-be. This blogger had the idea to adapt Martha Stewart's wedding album for this purpose.

    25. Baby Top 40

    Via Triangle Sound Studios

    Set a timer and see which guest can write down the most songs featuring the word "baby."

    26. Count the Candies


    Fill a giant bottle with candies, and have guests guess how many there are. Whoever comes closest takes the treats home.

    27. TV Show Families


    Write down a list of names of characters from different TV families (like The Brady Bunch, The Simpsons, The Adams Family) and have guests try to guess the correct show.

    28. Sperm Cornhole Game

    Those sperm beanbags are actually pretty adorable.

    29. Name That Baby

    Have guests write down their first or middle name suggestions for mom to read aloud. Everyone has baby name opinions, and she may actually get some good ideas!

    30. Baby Bottle Bowling


    For a more active baby shower, set up a bunch of baby bottles in a triangular formation with a bit of sand in them. Have guests use a tennis ball or other small ball to knock them down.

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