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30 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

Celebrate baby's arrival with games that are cheesy, ridiculous, and sentimental — all at once.

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7. Name That Poo

Via moderndaydonnareed.com

Nasty, but a classic. Melt different types of chocolate bars (caramel, nuts, etc) in baby diapers and have guests guess which is which- or have them race to devour their diaper first.

17. Measure Mom's Belly

laurenarmstrongphotography.com / Via projectnursery.com

Have guests cut pieces of yarn to a length they think corresponds to the circumference of the mom-to-be's belly. Might as well have fun with the one time it's OK to comment on a woman's growing waistline.

23. Baby Face

Via sarcasm-101.blogspot.com

Blow up photos of mom and dad (and other relatives if you'd like) and cut them into strips so guests can rearrange them to see what baby may look like. The results are equal parts funny and creepy.

24. Advice Book

Via marthastewartweddings.com

Have guests write down their words of wisdom on notecards or pieces of paper, and store them in pretty envelopes or a notebook for the mom-to-be. This blogger had the idea to adapt Martha Stewart's wedding album for this purpose.

27. TV Show Families

Via firewireblog.com

Write down a list of names of characters from different TV families (like The Brady Bunch, The Simpsons, The Adams Family) and have guests try to guess the correct show.

30. Baby Bottle Bowling

Via babylifestyles.com

For a more active baby shower, set up a bunch of baby bottles in a triangular formation with a bit of sand in them. Have guests use a tennis ball or other small ball to knock them down.

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