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    27 Inspired Ways To Decorate Your Sunglasses

    You'll never throw away an old pair of shades again.

    1. Embroidery

    Create a cross-stitch design, trace it onto sunglasses, drill holes corresponding to your design into each lens, then stitch your design through the holes. The full tutorial can be found here.

    2. Pastel Flowers

    Superglue ceramic flowers onto the counters of your shades- easy and super cute! Blogged about here.

    3. Pearls

    Glue pearls along the top of your shades to add a little glam. Check out these directions.

    4. Geometric Designs

    Use white nail polish to decorate solid colored sunglasses with geometric design. This blog post has the details.

    5. Studs

    Give your Raybans some tude with hot-fix studs. Just cut the studs reel to size and apply with hot glue to the bands of your sunglasses, as done here.

    6. Seed Beads

    Make razzle dazzle by gluing seed beads along the top frame, like this blogger did.

    7. Rhinestone Peace Signs

    Glue rhinestones around the perimeter of a pair of circular shades, then create peace signs within each eye for a hippy style. Get the full tutorial here.

    8. Bows

    Add a girly twist by gluing a little plastic bow at each end piece, as done by this blogger.

    9. Skulls

    Track down some fabulous skull embllishments and glue them along the frame of your shades, like this blogger did, for an edgier vibe.

    10. Big Fake Flowers

    Hot glue fake flower heads along the top rim for a super flowery floral look. Find the tutorial here.

    11. Slightly Smaller Fake Flowers

    Cut the base off little fake flowers and glue them along the top rim for a look that's a bit more subtle but still head-turning, as done by this blogger.

    12. Lace

    This post explains how to cover each each lens with all-purpose glue, then place a piece of lace on top. A very cool look- though perhaps not the most practical.

    13. Striped Fabric

    Wrap each temple in bright striped fabric to make your shades pop. Get all the instructions here.

    14. Polka Dots

    Stick a straight pin into an eraser to create the perfect tool for drawing tiny polka dots with craft paint. Follow this tutorial.

    15. Party Shapes

    Glue crazy cardboard shapes created from templates around your lenses, then decorate with paint and embellishments. More detailed instructions here.

    16. Rhinestone Bling

    Decorate your sunglasses with statement rhinestone pendants like these leopard of floral pieces. All you need is hot glue and pliers, and these directions.

    17. Nail Polish

    Use painter's tape to mark off areas that you'd like to add some color to, then paint with nail polish on the frames. The color and design possibilities are endless. Find more details here.

    18. Spray Paint

    Use painter's tape to cover up areas that you don't want painted, then spray. It looks especially chic if you just add color to a couple small bands, as done here.

    19. Sharpie

    Because there's nothing you can't decorate with Sharpies. Pinned here.

    20. Fruit Bouquets

    Glue big fruity embellishments at the upper corner of each lens, then add rhinestones along the top frame to turn your sunglasses tropical. This post has all the details.

    21. Chanel Cs

    Cut Chanel Cs out of sticky paper (use an Xacto knife to get the in-between area) and adhere them to the lenses of your shades for a DIY designer look. This tutorial shows you how.

    22. Stars

    Glue star embellishments along the top of each frame, as done here. Great for a 4th of July party.

    23. Glitter

    Summer calls for some shimmer. Protect our lenses with paint, cover with Mod Podge and add some glitter. Follow this tutorial.

    24. Butterflies

    To channel your inner Mother Nature, glue on colorful butterfly embellishments for, as done here.

    25. Sweethearts

    This post shows you how to create heart-shaped foam frames and embellish them with V-day candy. These would definitely a conversation starter.

    26. Baroque Designs

    Make your own clay embellishments then glue them to your frames. Get all the details from this post.

    27. Secret Message

    Write a little message on the inside of the temples, as done by this blogger. A great gift idea!