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Craft Wars: What To Do With Buttons

Two unexpected things to make out of old clothing fasteners.

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If you don't already have a button collection, now would be a good time to start. These little guys are full of variety and possibility. Here, two bloggers came up with unusual and awesome ways to put them to use.

First up, Stephanie from Confetti Workshop makes a stacked button bracelet.

So cute! Here's how Stephanie does it:

To get started: you'll need a few buttons, a lobster clasp, two jumprings, one jewelry wire, chain cut into two sections (measured to fit your wrist), pliers, and wire cutters. First, take your rolling pliers and make a loop on one end of the piece of jewellery wire.


And on a totally different note, Lidy from Hello Lidy created a button map heart.

Unique and beautiful wall decal. Here's how Lidy made it.

Gather your supplies: a large printed map, a pencil, plastic shank, buttons, a hot glue gun, bakers twine, and scissors. Then, lightly trace a large heart over your map. Use your buttons as an anchor point by hot glueing the shanks located at the back of your button onto the mapped area in only a few places (the shanks allow a space between the buttons and print). Let them dry completely.

Take your twine and starting at the top, gently wrap once around each button in a sporadic pattern until each button has been included in the heart. Repeat this step using other colors of twine. The more colors, the more your heart pops from the page.

Which Button Project is Your Fave?

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