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    50 Unexpected Wreaths You Can Make Out Of Anything

    Put a wreath on it.

    1. Tea Bags

    Make one out of a variety of tea bags for the herbal enthusiast in your life. As seen here.

    2. Crayons

    For the kid (or adult) who can't stop coloring, make a crayon wreath like this.

    3. More Crayons

    A bunch more crayons in a single color with a different orientation gets you a whole new look! This tutorial explains how.

    4. Gift Bow Wreath

    Regift your gift packaging into a festive bow wreath. Check out this tutorial.

    5. Marshmallows

    GIve the gift of holiday hot chocolate with this marshmallow wreath.

    6. Peanuts

    Make one for the birds with a peanut wreath that will look pretty outdoors, and keep them full in the winter months. This post has the details.

    7. Gift Boxes

    Give the gift of gifts. If you just want the look, make this wreath of decorative boxes- or better yet, fill them with little trinkets for a whole family.

    8. Instagram Photos

    Make a simple wooden vase and decorative clothespins with these directions then fill with fave photos or give it blank as a gift for someone else to fill.

    9. Gumdrops

    Make this gumdrop wreath for your friend with a sweet tooth. Use toothpicks instead of glue if you want it to be edible!

    10. Clothespins

    Just some wire and colorful clothespins makes this fun wreath.

    11. Planks of Wood

    Small planks of wood make for an au natural wreath that will last forever. This tutorial shows you how.

    12. Craft Sticks

    A quick and easy holiday activity to do with the kids, make a wreath out of craft sticks and a paper plate. This post has the details.

    13. Cinnamon Sticks

    This cinnamon wreath will fill someone's home with holiday fragrance.

    14. Garden Hose

    For your favorite gardener, wrap a hose into a wreath, then embellish with flowers and gloves. This tutorial has the details.

    15. Cocktail Umbrellas

    This wreath will add pizzazz to someone's next happy hour.

    16. Pine Cones and Coffee Filters

    A wintry wreath that's pretty and rustic. Check out these directions.

    17. Pompoms

    This soft and fluffy wreath would look super cute in a bedroom. This post has the details.

    18. Popcorn Kernels

    Who knew popcorn kernels could look so pretty. Make a wreath out of them with these directions.

    19. Popped Popcorn!/48

    As done here.

    20. Balloons

    This wreath is perfect for identifying your house as the "party house."

    21. Ornaments

    Because they probably have enough ornaments for the tree, make them a festive wreath. This tutorial shows you how.

    22. Ice Skates

    Repurpose an old sweater and vintage ice skates into a wintry wreath. This tutorial has the details.

    23. PVC Pipes

    Make this modern wreath from PVC pipes and fill it with ornaments or other little gifts.

    24. Straws

    A straw wreath is festive, easy, and inexpensive to make. As soon here.

    25. Cooking Herbs

    Make your own version of this cooking herbs wreath, the perfect gift for a chef. Get started here.

    26. Baby Goods

    Wrap up onesies, socks, and other baby necessities to make one of these. The perfect gift for a newborn!

    27. Chile Peppers

    Make a chile pepper wreath for someone who likes it hot! As seen here.

    28. Thread Spools

    Your sewing enthusiast friend will love a thread spool wreath like this one.

    29. Hair Elastics

    Wrap a wire base in hairband elastics for a modern color-blocked look, as done here.

    30. Feathers

    Glue faux feathers to a wreath vase (or, as done here), cut out feather shapes from patterned paper.

    31. Mini Pumpkins

    Make your own version of this wreath by gluing mini pumpkins to a grapevine starter wreath. White looks seasonally appropriate all winter long.

    32. Peppermint Candies

    Cover a styrofoam wreath in this Christmasy candy. This post has the details.

    33. Old Scarf

    Make a scarf wreath like this simply by wrapping a wreath base in an old scarf and embellishing with a big ribbon bow.

    34. Jingle Bell Wreath

    Hang this festive wreath on your front door for the sound of Christmas every time a guest arrives. Make it with these directions.

    35. Yarn Balls

    String together yarn balls in a variety of textures. Stick in a pair of knitting needles if you like, as done here.

    36. Feather Boa

    Wrap a wreath vase in a feather boa for a surprisingly chic and elegant look, as done here.

    37. Corn Husks

    This post shows you how to dye corn husks, then use them to make a brightly colored holiday wreath.

    38. Paper Doilies

    Turn paper doilies into this elegant illuminated wreath. Check out this tutorial.

    39. Tinsel

    To make one of these shimmery wreaths simply wrap embroidery hoops with holiday tinsel.

    40. Paper Cutouts

    Use a giant whole punch to make this super unique wreath in a modern Christmas palette. Check out these directions.

    41. Christmas Lights

    String large color Christmas lights around a wire base to create this bright wreath.

    42. Velvet Braid

    Braid strips of velvet, then secure it to a wire base for an elegant look. This post tells you how.

    43. Thumbtacks

    To make this metallic wreath stick a bunch of thumbtacks into a foam wreath base.

    44. Lima Beans

    Who knew lima beans were so pretty? Cover a wreath base in them for a chic pebbly wreath. This tutorial also shows you how to make your own base.

    45. Glittery Acorns

    Decorate a grapevine wreath with white glittery acorns. Learn how to make them here.

    46. Canning Jar Lids

    Paint a bunch of canning jar rings (red and white for a candy cane look), string, and hang! As seen here.

    47. Rope

    Wrap rope around a wreath base, and embellish with a faux flower or little hearts if you like, as this blogger did.

    48. Ping Pong Balls

    Yes, this chic wreath is made from a clothing hanger base and decorated with artificial flowers and ping pong balls.

    49. Mini Christmas Trees

    You can make your own version of this forest wreath with bottle brush trees.

    50. Tape Leaves

    Make faux leaves from green tape, as shown here then turn them into a wreath.